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Apr 17, 2014 at 3:13 PM
Mar 28, 2010
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Oct 25, 1990 (Age: 23)


#1, Male, 23, from Birmingham

team bring it Apr 26, 2011

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Apr 17, 2014 at 3:13 PM
    1. Vizze
      please change my birth date to 1994
    2. E
      can you change my user to

    3. treas0n
      can you change my username to 'Treason' please, xxxxxxxx
    4. Kenshii
      How do you apply to become a moderator?
      Thanks in advance, Daryl
      1. Zoirz likes this.
    5. SwitchbacK
      team bring it
    6. Socro
      Posting things like that because a member of your staff team bans someone even though that member was requested to join the forum by the owner, and the replies he received made this place look very mature... I'm sure I shall quote you when one of the decerto staff says something about hrf on the twitter account again etc.. That would be moving on to not do that ;) Anyway, good night.
    7. Socro
      Ha man, twitter logo? I wasn't even involved in that and I really couldn't care about it.. the whole thing I was on about was when Mike or Chris stole one of our banners from our site, so we changed it to some huge image to prove it.. but that was atleast 3 years ago now.. I think it's time you moved on a bit.. Communities are meant to come together, not insult.
    8. Socro
      By who are you, I mean do I know you in any form apart from the User switchback :P
    9. Socro
      Hello, really who are you? I never take digs at anything on this site, so I am a little confused with what you are talking about.. especially if you check my post history it is mainly be trying to help people out with capture cards and other random things... Explain please?
    10. SwitchbacK
      i'm the miz...
    11. JaCk B
      only girls you can get are from gaming, unlucky
    12. babeuh
      Stalker .
    13. Drama
      SwitchbacK its Drama, (dignitas draMa - TCS Drama) do you think you could do writeup on our team let me know :)
    14. Phaz
    15. KerrBearr xo
      Lmao poor Stu.
    16. IPBANforSayingNigg4WTF:(
      I mean really, wtf SBK. Banning me 24/7 for one thing while you let the flamers go wacky
    17. DensityyBan
      Ah okay, my bad..
    18. DensityyBan
      SwitchBacK wtf did i get banned for? :( i did nowt wrong.
    19. ChoKe
      can you add me on msn anyway please, I need to ask you something.

      MSN: TheChoKe@hotmail.co.uk
    20. ChoKe
      ok well if you change your mind add me on that msn. Plus if you get me any customers you can have a 10% cut.
    21. ChoKe
      do you still want that original tag? I'm doing em for £30 now.
    22. r3dmagik
      whats yr gt nowadays?
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    Oct 25, 1990 (Age: 23)

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