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Boxing Thread

Discussion in 'Media & Sports' started by Banksy., Jun 29, 2011.

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    Nemz Old School

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    rohan! original pirate material

    dat left hook

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    shadezl0l just thumbin about

    anyone know what the odds were on Garica?
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    rohan! original pirate material

    7/2 on william hill, think he was 5/1 on others aswell
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    JeD Well-Known Member

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    Banksy. Well-Known Member

    khan may aswell retire. no-where for him to go
    such a flopped career
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    Disco. Well-Known Member

    Khan doesn't listen. If he just boxed instead of looking for a toe to toe fight he would of beaten both Peterson and Garcia. BBC had Khan 2nd on British pound for pound rankings, must off fell abit after last night.
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    rohan! original pirate material

    brb watching khan collapse again, surprised the ref let it carry on after the first left hook

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    JBizl J to the bizz to the wizz

    He was unlucky to get caught with that big left hook...he was dominating the fight till then
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    182 Well-Known Member

    He wasn't really, I said to people I was watching the fight with that Garcias left hook will knock him out by the 5th......he was wide open to it since the 1st bell.

    Pisses me off big time, could literally outbox anyone right now but needs to walk from Freddy Roach to pick up his defence....Roach is so one dimensional it's untrue, been saying it since he stepped up.
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    Mattt Well-Known Member

    wouldnt mind to see him box floyd and get destroyed. ref give him about 20 seconds after that first knockdown
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    Banksy. Well-Known Member

    Cannot see where hes going to go, he got KO by someone who he was meant to walk over & some1 considered not to be world world class.
    theres no point stepping up as he just cannot defend and take a punch.
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    TRJN HahahahahaNo

    When he got knocked down was like one of the funniest things eu, his arms just flopped around like a piece of string. Was surprised Amir lost.
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    rohan! original pirate material

    funniest thing eu
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    Banksy. Well-Known Member

    fuck was it funny?
    that ref is a joke i dont understand why he refs all the biggest fights in the US, khan was fucking gone it was dangerous to let him keep going even after like a 30second 10count.
    Khan to retire pls
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    shadezl0l just thumbin about

    he can obviously take a punch, he's just a ****y little idiot. if he gets caught, he wont just accept it, he tries to act like it didn't hurt him and then his gameplan flies out the window.

    i don't like Khan but Garcia seems like a little faggot and Khan is still obviously the better boxer.

    sux 4 him.
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    broady Well-Known Member

    Gutted for Khan. I doubt many people would have been able to get up again after that 1st one, even if the ref did give him a while
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    Banksy. Well-Known Member

    everytime i watch khan i think this, he gets himself into scraps and makes it a fight when he should just stick his boxing n hell win nearly every round and can then pick em off in the later rounds.
    as you say its like a rush of blood hes in their and forgets what his plan was and just thinks right ill take a punch to land a punch
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    xSmithy Well-Known Member

    so fuarking frustrating that Khan got knocked out because Garcia is no-where near as good as he is now billed up to be. Only a mong would get caught by that left hook, Khan stepped in, dropped his right hand and actually skipped to the right couldn't have put it more on a plate for Garcia, he didn't even look just threw the shot and caught him, any decent boxer who had prepared for the fight properly would have known that was his danger punch and the whole game plan would have been to avoid it, similar to what haye did against harrison when he held a high right hand and just destroyed him. Saying that I don't think Khan had the power to bother Garcia at all and still may have lost but literally putting it on a plate for him was embarrassing, should get rid of Roach in my opinion if he wants any chance of ever challenging again. Garcia is honestly a bum who can't box but is a decent puncher, was just throwing bombs all night and any sane and fucking reasonable fighter would have made him miss all night.
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    Hero Well-Known Member

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    Banksy. Well-Known Member

    king mayweather released now. roll on the kinggg
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    Banksy. Well-Known Member

    hatton coming back? surely to destroy pauli once more

    haye v a klitchko again is nailed on?

    some good fights coming up
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    Bakez A Well-Known Member

    ye hes fightin again in november at some point at man city stadium
    opponent yet to be decided - probs a stepping stone fight
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    shadezl0l just thumbin about

    why ricky why
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    Banksy. Well-Known Member

    who wouldnt miss 30k imbreds chanting your name and drinking vegas dry thugh