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Boxing Thread

Discussion in 'Media & Sports' started by Banksy., Jun 29, 2011.

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    CyBeRsHot Well-Known Member

    I rate Khan now, Freddie Roach is doing a great job with him but Mayweather? I don't think he stands a chance if im honest.
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    Greg Well-Known Member

    Khan paaaaaaaaa


    Come on the Cobra
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    shadezl0l just thumbin about

    Mayweather will be like 35 if/when they fight. I'd take Khan.
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    CyBeRsHot Well-Known Member

    Great shape tho, keeps himself in check and still showing he has it now lol. His reactions are incredible
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    shadezl0l just thumbin about

    I don't even think Mayweather will take the fight, he'd be smart not to.
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    182 Well-Known Member

    Something already apparently penciled in late 2012/early 2013 for khan/pbf, after he has a "tune up" at WW.

    Khan has probably the best chance out of anyone through Mayweathers career to trouble/beat him, anyone who thinks it would be a walkover is pretty naive. Seriously can't see PBF risking his 0 against Khan now though.
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    Myth Member

    Most likely be seeing a card in spring/early summer, Haye vs Vitali and Khan vs Brook
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    NurveZ Zeus.

    Haye will never do it. Just like last time.
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    TowLy #ResidenceTakeover

    RIP Joe Frazier

    In other news mike perez is one of the other card fights for 2moros purdy v lynes fight

    such a talent
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    rohan! original pirate material


    Marquez was robbed, 116-112 that judge must have some sort of fucking disorder, hopefully Mayweather vs Pacquiao goes ahead..
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    Banksy. Well-Known Member

    cheeky bump

    couldlnt find a stream that would even open in my shit uni house.

    wake up to find he lost a supposed 'desgusting decision'

    f'ck he lose to paterson? maybe he tried to run before he could walk by just looking to far ahead to mayweather
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    rohan! original pirate material

    Nope hardly disgusting tbh, he deserved it and threw alot more powerful and big punches then Khan, Khan had 2 points deducted for pushing which he KEPT doing although he got warned shit loads of times and Peterson fought quality and had Khan on the backfoot for numerous rounds tbh. If Khan hadn't had points deducted he would of won seeing as though the scores were 111-114, 113-112, 113-112, his own fault if im honest, if he hadn't been so lenient and used his jab more he would of been on the front foot but Peterson just kept charging forward so Khan kept pushing him to get him away, sick fight though.
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    FerLuff illest

    Froch to get knocked left, right and centre tonight.
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    Greg Well-Known Member

    no no no no no

    the cobra has this
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    Zenon Well-Known Member

    Rematch talks have already happened regarding the Khan/Peterson fight. If the result doesn't get overturned within the next week, there is 99% chance going to be a rematch in March or April time. Khan could do big things if he focuses now. He beat Zab Judah with ease and Judah took Mayweather Jr all the way.

    As for Carl Froch this weekend... Froch to win on the scorecards.

    Oh, and David Haye is already back out of retirement lol. Big Vitali is fighting Dereck Chisora sometime soon and Haye is next in line. Not getting my hopes up though, David Haye doesn't seem to throw punches anymore :|

    Edit: @rohan! Surely you thought it was a messy as fook fight? So much bias.

    You've got a Washington DC referee, reffing a Washington DC fighter, in Washington DC...
    Peterson hit Khan below the belt a few times without warning as well. And what about after the fight? Bruce Buffer and David Haye were both told that Khan had won on points by officials, then suddenly, scorecards are taken back in and Buffer announces a Peterson win. Bit fishy if you ask me.
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    rohan! original pirate material

    @Zenon Peterson won fair and square lmao, Khan went into the fight with the complete wrong mentality, underestimated him and paid the price. It's the same in Boxing all across the world, whether that's semi pro/professional/amateur, travel to the opponents home place or home show (If it's amateur) and you're most likely to have decisions against you, it's just the way it goes. I enjoyed the fight and thought it was quality to watch but it's Khan's own fault for pushing and i'm sure he will continue to argue that he won the fight blah blah blah, but he didn't and Peterson landed the most powerful/destructive punches of the fight which is obviously going to sway the judges decisions during tight rounds that look even.
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    TowLy #ResidenceTakeover

    what annoyed me the most is the showboating Kahn saying your not hurting me then when he took a bad body shot in the 5th i think ?? it rocked him big time and from there on peterson just kept going for the body. I hate kahn, he trys to have the **** mayweather look and it doesnt look well on him. i dont see him beating mayweather if they ever do fight i think he will get mawled. But theirs 10 years int he difference so you never know!!

    Its all about my boii


    I want him to fight his first high profile fight soon, being dubbed the next mike tyson he throws some dangerous punches. Obv record means shit but hes 17-0 with 12k ko's which isnt to bad!!
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    rohan! original pirate material

    @TowLy yeah i agree, also i think Mayweathers technical ability will be too much for Khan, oh yeah and what about your other black irish boxer guy you were going on about that was on prize fighter, what's his name again haha?
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    TowLy #ResidenceTakeover

    exactly, mayweather has alot to his mental and technical game that people underestimate!!

    Thats him their mike perez :D cuban born but fights out of ireland!! I want him to fight someone good, theirs talks of him fighting vlad but i dont know if much came of it. That lads only 25 and he looks about 40 haha verry good southpaw boxer !!
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    Disco. Well-Known Member

    Khan lost that fight. Peterson's punches were not illegal. Khan's a dirty fighter anyway and he's a ****. Would rather back a yank over him in the future.

    Anyway on to Froch. Don't no much about his opponent tbh, but hoping he brings it home. Just seen him running round the local cricket field, come on lad.
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    Disco. Well-Known Member

    Froch outclassed. Very impressed with Ward. At least Froch wasn't disgraced. Can't believe the two yanks only gave it 2points difference, I only gave Froch 2 rounds with 1 drawn.
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    TowLy #ResidenceTakeover

    Ward surprised me, never watched him properly before but im going to be following him now. His speed in unreal.
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    Disco. Well-Known Member

    Agree. Kell Brook looks very good though, accept he sounds a bit dodgy if you ask me. Was a good card for a freeview tonight.
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    TowLy #ResidenceTakeover

    Missed all the undercard fights, thats the only one i would have wanted to see though!! how did he fight ? such an upcoming talent.
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    Disco. Well-Known Member

    Did well, could of stopped it earlier but think he wanted to show a bit of what he can do. Khan the nob head was trying to talk him down, such a bitter bellend he is.