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CoD4 Tips

Discussion in 'Call of Duty 4' started by STROPZ, Jan 4, 2012.

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    STROPZ Well-Known Member

    Can any good promod players give me any tips on how to get better on this, what sensitivity to use, button configs and any other things that might help a noob like me half decent. All help is appreciated, cheers.
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    Kid Well-Known Member

    would also like to know! :D
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    Likely Active Member

    Soundwhore like a bitch. And in general jumping/strafing is better than dropshotting not all the time but most of the time. Theres no good sensitivity just find something and stick with it i'd say somthing relatively low. Theres no good button config but somthing comfortable for you. Mine is pretty weird and different from other people but its comfortable to me just find somthing thats comfortable. Game sense comes with playing e.g prefiring corners excpecting where people are going to be and common sense. Just play and you'll pick it up over time.
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    Liam Brady Well-Known Member

    At 2 mins 14 secs at the bin out side of A bomb site on Bog, with an 83 degree angle from the ground aim a g nade over the roof and blow away that pre aiming, melon eating window looker
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    STROPZ Well-Known Member

    yh atm i literally do not stop smashing the jump button when im in gun battles its doing pretty well for me atm, ok well im playing on 1800dpi what sens would you recommend ?. yeah i kinda know that stuff from console and its been doing pretty well.
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    Likely Active Member

    I cant recommend anything tbh. Its preferance just find somthing and stick with it.
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    nAZ Well-Known Member

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    zNs Active Member

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    Kid Well-Known Member

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    Brooka! New Member

    Sensetivity is personal preference I play 1800 DPI and 0.8 Senstitivity in game. Although lower is accurate and depends and how much you wanted to be moving your mouse and how big your mousepad is. Also, check out Tek9.org they have a whole forum page for beginners suggest you check that out.
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    ALISTAlR Well-Known Member

    lul, depends what i'm playing when it comes to sense. I have a razer Abbysus mouse, which has three DPI options, up to 3500dpi, i use 1800dpi. If i'm playing AK, or 74u, i use about 0.5 - 0.6, just to get a steady aim, but it's what you get used to. When i scope i use about 0.9-1 due to my ubersick reactions:D

    Just walk around crouching when you think you're near somebody, or if you know where somebody is from a call out. Unless you have sick movement:D Comes with practice, look at phantasy ( www.youtube.com/prodragon71) 's tutorials, they're really good. Shows you tac nades and all:D Add me on xfire, i'll play with ye sometime stropz mert, xfire: entric