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Discussion in 'Call of Duty 4' started by STROPZ, Jan 4, 2012.

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    STROPZ Well-Known Member

    Just finished playing 1 or 2 pubs on this and know the very basics of movement etc. so i want people to play with ill play watever u want pubs or watever i dnt know how to invite you or accept invites lol but i just wanna play now so yh HELP

    EDIT: just warning you im shit and add my xfire: stropz1
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    Bradley Head Moderator

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    busta tdnb.co

    add me on xfire: ibusta
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    STROPZ Well-Known Member

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    Kid Well-Known Member

    add us on xfire: proph1
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    Haitchyy Total Madman.

    likewise: Haitchyy10
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    STROPZ Well-Known Member

    xfire: stropz1
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    STROPZ Well-Known Member

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    Sharpie @WillDGrace

    let's go
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    zNs Active Member

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    wALDO Bicbooi

    Added you on xf.