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Decerto Interviews Imperial eSports

Discussion in 'Interviews' started by D-fianT, Oct 27, 2011.

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    D-fianT @DecertoDefianT

    Tonight we managed to get hold of 3 members of the 5th seeded Imperial line up attending EGL London, Shane 'Shane' McKerral, Shane 'United' Grindey and Adam 'Macca' McNeill joined us for a quick interview.

    Decerto: So lets start as normal, introduce yourself to those readers who might not know you.

    Macca: Hi I'm Adam aka Macca, I'm 19, from Liverpool and currently on a Business Admin Apprenticeship.

    Shane: I'm the real Shane from Southampton, looking forward to choking another LAN under Chris Marsh's shirt-less org.

    United: My names Shane aka United, 20 years old studying sport science at Uni.

    Decerto: You guys have a reputation for not really practising much, has that changed at all in the build up to this event?

    Macca: We have scrimmed a little, but nowhere near as much as we said we would.

    Shane: Well not really as we can only really practise Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from about 11pm onwards. Not too bothered though as when we have played we haven't looked that bad. From recent LANs we've placed higher with little to no practice.

    United: It's not that we don't want to practice, but slaying bitches along with other commitments which take priority means there's little time left to practice. I think we've managed about 6 scrims so far and to be honest we haven't done that bad all things considered.

    A wild Macca appears.

    Decerto: So you're going into EGL with the 5th seed, where are you hoping to place?

    Macca: Well, as always I hope to if not match our seed but beat it.

    United: As long as it isn't any lower than 8th I really couldn't care less. Finishing inside the top8 at every LAN I've been to is my only claim to fame so it'd be a shame to lose that in what could be the last time I play at LAN.

    Shane: I want nothing less then top 5 at any LAN, but anything is an improvement to how amazing we did at ECL3.

    Decerto: On the note of seeds, what are your opinions on Mythix losing theirs?

    Macca: The EGL Roster Lock was put in place for a reason, so its fair.

    United: No care. It's shit they have to go unseeded, not only for them but teams who will have to face them earlier than they'd like to but that's just how it is.

    Shane: It's what they deserve really, I don't know how anyone can drop out of LAN a couple days before, especially because of work commitments. If they were going it should of been sorted a long time ago.

    Imperial Shane at ECL3.

    Decerto: There have been a few line up changes in the organisation recently but all of you have been in Imperial before. Thats a pretty unique situation, what is it about Imperial that brings you back?

    Shane: Well the only reason we come back is for Chris Marsh, we only left to join Infused so they could fund us for the Manchester XP qualifier. We also came close to joining Imperial straight after we won that, that's how loyal we are to pig and Marsh is the only manager that will fund us for coke fuelled slut slaying adventures.

    Macca: Well, this time round I think Richie's inactivity and desire to play the game was holding them back so they asked me to come back and as I enjoy playing with these lads a lot I couldn't say no. I also like playing under Chris Marsh's management as he knows what he's doing and is one of the lads.

    United: In a nutshell, Marsh. I didn't plan on playing at this event but the chance to play with these 3 at the last Black Ops LAN under big Chrissy Marsh was too much. Everyone knew I wouldn't be able to come on much so there was little expectation or pressure to come online and scrim either.

    Decerto: So who do you feel are the major teams to watch out for at EGL London?

    Shane: Imperial under 18s and foreign girls

    Macca: apeX, infused, mythiX (although they have no seed they will still go far), Fnatic and Foreign.

    United: I haven't scrimmed any of the teams seeded above or around us enough to judge really. The big names will obviously be there (excluding Imperial reserves of course).

    United on a night out.

    Decerto: TheMadCat made a comment about Imperial.2 wanting to become Imperial 1, how do you feel about this?

    Macca: Even if they do out place us I don't think it will happen tbh, but they could prove me wrong.

    Shane: The jokers. They seem to have built up an insignificant rivalry in their head between us when in truth its just about a big a rivalry as Liverpool and Tranmere Rovers.

    United: I suppose if you correlate game time with achievement expectancy then they should be the real Imperial team by now. Unfortunately for them they're merely apart of the big man's business plan and will no doubt be cast away in the same way they'll be swept aside by us if we get to play them.

    Decerto: Ok so quick fire, best COD title?

    Macca: CoD4

    United: COD4

    Shane: Cod4

    Favourite non COD title?

    Macca: Gears of War

    Shane: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. u mad

    United: Fifa

    Choke team at EGL

    United: Us.

    Shane: Yeah probably us, not even slightly miffed though.

    Macca: ^

    Reflex or EGL?

    United: Organisation wise, EGL. Whole weekend experience would be Reflex purely for bitches and charlie coco.

    Shane: Probably Reflex, only because its in Amsterdam but ECL1 >

    Macca: Reflex because of the time management (but thats because there is less teams and after all it is Amsterdam) but looks and org wise EGL.

    Females or Currency?

    Shane: disregard females
    acquire currency

    United: Currency to supply the bitches.

    Macca: Bitches

    Decerto: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, anyone you want to shout out to?

    Shane: Shout outs to Chris Marsh, Richie, Swanny and Pacino who sadly couldn't make it this evening due to a midnight fap. Make sure everyones there for Macca 20th so we can witness him evolve into Dugtrio. free koke hang the judge

    United: Shoutouts to the LANdem, Foreign girls, Imperial under 18's for making us look like a much better team than we actually are and anyone I still play/speak to. LAN LAN LAN.

    Macca: Too many shoutouts but my main ones are the NN boyss, Chris Marsh and everyone else who I speak to. See you at LAN.
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    Murdoch @maxalfiemurdoch

    brothers in arms <3
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    ShAnE eat your nan

    imperial and the blokes, brothers of the sword.
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    shadezl0l just thumbin about

    Shane: The jokers. They seem to have built up an insignificant rivalry in their head between us when in truth its just about a big a rivalry as Liverpool and Tranmere Rovers.
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    cam_hip Active Member

    I swear 1 in 3 interviews are with Imperial, seriously need to interview a bigger selection of teams...
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    BAIDER Well Known Member

    @ShAnE son I am disappoint.
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    ShAnE eat your nan

    you wot m8
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    BAIDER Well Known Member

    Where's the TGT shoutout? :(
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    ShAnE eat your nan

    hold tight my dons reppin the team grime thread
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    Shizzle HOVA.

    Good interview, should do some with the smaller/un-seeded teams now.
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    Quality .

    love not getting a shoutout from my fifa partner, fucking nob.
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    WannaB Sickening.com

    Actually the only team interview that I read, always makes me love.

    Sick guys
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    Delusion > <><

    Good luck @ LAN should be good to see where you place. Interview made me laugh. :)
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    JoeB Well-Known Member

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    ShAnE eat your nan

    wheres my youth team at
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    Stevoo #1

    @Macca didnt even get a shout out, lol
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    OLdfieLD Very Tall

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    traineee Well-Known Member

    A little tiff and half the thread is deleted

    United Pacino Shane Macca >
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    shadezl0l just thumbin about

    people really need to stop deleting posts
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    CooKiee TC

    Shane: It's what they deserve really, I don't know how anyone can drop out of LAN a couple days before, especially because of work commitments. If they were going it should of been sorted a long time ago.

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    Lyle Nemesis

    obviously they're gonna interview the funniest team since god knows, luckk
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    oxygenJF da frenchy

    much love @United and sam, good luck boys <3
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    United Vapez

    Not sure why you deleted your post @Momo

    but sandin el' surely you can tell were joking. If we play we probably wont "sweep you aside" and any other remarks in there are to build a bit of hype. The way you lot replied in your interview lead me to believe you all had a bit of banter in you...clearly wrong.
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    Nomad Well-Known Member

    advantage of being a mod, make yourself look like a tit and swiftly remove all evidence of said act
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    ReL 5% off SCUF: "VPBROS"

    In all fairness I asked him if I could just delete it coz I had just completely overreacted at the stupidest thing and a big drama had kicked off and I figured that would just make things worse.

    I completely overreacted. I hold my hands up lol