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Decerto Partners with Astro Gaming

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Loco, May 8, 2013.

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    Loco @Loco

    Few brands carry the prestigious weighting of Astro Gaming in the esports community. A brand synonymous with quality, Astro first made in-roads in competitive gaming following their sponsorship of Major League Gaming, where their headsets became established as the number one choice for many professional gamers looking to enhance their performance with high quality sound and communication capabilities. It was the Astro Mixamp that revolutionised team communication at live event tournaments, a device which allowed for lag-free delivery of voice audio to shed the delays that previously burdened players, and has finally seen imitations looking to replicate what Astro introduced half a decade ago.

    The 2013 editions of the Astro Mixamp and A40 Headset

    Decerto is pleased to announce a partnership with Astro Gaming that will bring a number of popular features back to the website. Decerto will re-commence our Sunday live stream on a bi-monthly basis, broadcasting both showcase and tournament matches as well as providing viewers with the opportunity to win Astro Gaming headsets and products. Each month will also see a Top Five Clips video feature, where the player of the first-place clip will receive an Astro headset.

    Decerto would like to thank Astro Gaming for their support and we look forward to working with them to provide the community with these exciting features and new content on the website.

    For more information about Astro Gaming and their products, check out their website at www.astrogaming.co.uk and follow their twitter at www.twitter.com/astrogaming.
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    Bradley Head Moderator

    Amazing news! This is a big step forward for Decerto and I'm sure there is a lot more to come in the near future.
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    Daryl #

    Great we have the top 4 gaming brands behind us now (Astro Turtle beach Scuf Razer) Great to see console becoming bigger :)
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    ProGamersFruit Well-Known Member

    This is massive for the EU scene.
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    Wongy Well-Known Member

    Each month will also see a Top Five Clips video feature, where the player of the first-place clip will receive an Astro headset.

    fair play
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    D-fianT @DecertoDefianT

    Free Astros for all members of staff then I assume. I'll take a yellow set ta.
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    Bradley Head Moderator

    Any colour for me, I'm easy.
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    Mayhxm Well-Known Member

    Massive congrats on acquiring this sponsor. Good to see the EU scene ever expanding again.
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    Razor #Believe

    Jurd is going to have a lot of pairs of Astros by the end of the year.
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    MRTN Martz

    Great news!
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    Emotion Administrator

    Love this news, great to have one of the best audio headset providers on board.

    This is just one of many announcements we'll be making about the website in the near future.
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    Doudou #Atmozlife

    @Loco Fair play lads, solid acquisition indeed. You should make a Decerto Milestone section/graph, and add this, among others.

    @Emotion Do you happen to know if a calendar/column with upcoming events is in preparation for the main/forum page? I know it's been discussed previously, but nothing really took off.
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    Zero Fade into Darkness

    I'll have a BLACK pair, cheers.
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    Emotion Administrator

    Screenshot from the new website http://vvcap.net/db/NR-GZdAKLwS_Go7JMntJ.htp
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    Inside Well-Known Member

    Awesome news. Another step forward, and the top 5 prizes is probably the best on any top 5 I've seen. Really, really good.
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    Valiant @iam_Valiant

    Will there be a Top 5 this month?
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    Loco @Loco

    News regarding clip submissions and also one of the first giveaways will come shortly.
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    Acid7 ex-Prophecy Boss

    he'll have the BLACK pair
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    Valiant @iam_Valiant

    Ok thanks - I'll be sure to look out for that.
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    cyni GOAT

    And ex-members too. Seems fair to me. :)
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    Rjs37 Administrator

    Here Here.
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    De_matadorZ Active Member

    This is big, great work.
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    kezmul creature

    I'm looking forward to the show matchy things more than anything.
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    Twin-Mafia Well-Known Member

    Is there any discount codes for Astro's, as im looking to buy 2 pairs?
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    HYPZ Decerto Forums's $1m Sponsor

    good work guis respect