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Decerto Partners with Hauppauge

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Loco, May 17, 2013.

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    Loco @Loco

    Recording and streaming have become invaluable assets for gamers looking to promote their talents through gameplay, commentary, video logs and any other creative means at their disposal. Hauppauge’s HD PVR is a device bred from the culmination of the increasing demand to do so with no hassle and minimal technical knowledge, providing an out-of-the-box solution for capturing Xbox and Playstation gameplay in full high-definition. In addition, their upcoming Hauppauge Capture Application software provides the ideal medium through which players can stream and edit their content.


    The Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Plus

    Decerto is proud to join forces with Hauppauge, a brand well-regarded for their holistic approach to the esports community, including player, team and tournament support. This will allow us to expand and improve our live event coverage, starting from the summer, as well as provide the community with exclusive content and monthly giveaways. You can also look out for these during the Decerto live stream, which will be returning this month in partnership with Astro Gaming.

    For more information about Hauppauge’s HD PVR and other products, check out their website at www.hauppauge.co.uk and follow their twitters on www.twitter.com/HauppaugeHQ and www.twitter.com/HauppaugeGaming.
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    Envious Well-Known Member

    you're guan struggle to make room for that at the top
    Edit: wp
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    Loco @Loco

    Haha, we have a solution, you'll see soon.
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    MRTN Martz

    Good job guys!

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    Bradley Head Moderator

    haha, I'm sure we'll sort it.

    OT: Good write up. Good to see Decerto bringing in all these amazing partners, glad Decerto is going forward and I'm sure we are going to continue doing so. Good job all people behind the scene @Loco @Mellow @Emotion @HUGZ and others.

    @zJones Your post is irrelevant. Want to talk about it then PM me, don't post here.
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    Inside Well-Known Member

    Loads of good news recently.
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    Rjs37 Administrator

    Making promises that someone else has to keep ;)

    Sooo, when do we get our free PVR's? :cool:
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    Emotion Administrator

    Great to see this finally announced.

    Just got to work out how to say it now......
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    #HopeZ @Tricked_HopeZ

    Good work guys keep it up. Good to see decerto moving forward.
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    JkER Well-Known Member

    anybody gunna write about the new Avenger line up?
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    Bradley Head Moderator

    Contact one of the content guys about this. Best way is by PM'ing them on Decerto.
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    Rjs37 Administrator

    There we go, I think we just about managed to squeeze it in. I'm putting a sponsor cap in place now though.
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    #HopeZ @Tricked_HopeZ

    Tight Squeeze there buddy
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    JigSaw Well-Known Member

    i remember it as " HAHAHA POG"
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    Rjs37 Administrator

    Just how I like it.
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    TyzeR Well-Known Member

    The top of the page is starting to look kinda ugly
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    Tango ye

    looks alright to me
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    Loco @Loco

    It'll look better on the new site.
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    Potleg Member

    nice didnt know Hauppauge braught they own capture n stream software im sure itll be better than arcsoft n xsplit.
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    TyzeR Well-Known Member

    This is what it looks like for me:
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    Bradley Head Moderator

    Yes, because he's on the default skin. The logo's haven't been added to the default skin, just the v4 skin.
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    Seymour. Active Member

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    JigSaw Well-Known Member

    Will look really good on the new site from what i seen in newcastle.

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    Seymour. Active Member

    But for change discussion someone say something about the EWSC? For example when start it or how much is the prize for the winning team???
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    LeMon db Well-Known Member

    Amazing news.