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ECL 3 - Teams, seeds & predictions

Discussion in 'Halo Discussion' started by Baxter Bizzle, Jun 17, 2011.

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    Baxter Bizzle Active Member

    That's why the intention is to bring people here who are actually halo players, and are part of the halo community that needs to survive. The other part of HRF (everyone who isnt coming here) are just retards.
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    bring dale and mattyk and my life will be complete
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    iiM Logic New Member

    Just made the transfer over. Nice thread Baxter :)
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    Legerity New Member

    Hey ill try and post in here as well then, watch me put together a sick team btw, watch me ;)
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    Human New Member

    Hopefully some good can come from this "move".

    Top 4.
    1. Power - MVP, Loco, Baxter, Vard = 4400
    2. no name - Reaction, fragby, buk20, buk57 - 3800
    7. Dignitas - Fuzion, Korross, Rami, Riotz = 1600
    4. LLL - Trojan, Pino, Shinato, Hybrid = 2700
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    Gazza New Member

    oh i get it just the elite users to post haha ok well i guess this little move was pointless back to hrf.
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    OuTbreaK New Member

    OuTbreaK, Tru7h, need 2. No points.

    Has an i43 TSP thread been made yet? If not I'll make one and see if i can keep on top of it.
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    Baxter Bizzle Active Member

    Gonna be crazy seeing Dignitas that low'a seed.

    Gonna be good to LAN them as well hehe :rolleyes:

    Time to give MattyK the donk.

    @Legerity Any chance your magical team can make the LAN next weekend? :p
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    wouldnt class any of them as elite
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    ProXy New Member

    Wish we could get there lad. It's been too long
    Baxter Bizzle likes this.
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    Baxter Bizzle Active Member

    It's a forum, everyone can post lol.

    And if anyone wants to shift some of the active threads from HRF to here, do it :)
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    BlackJack New Member

    Really think it would be good if we could get a clean up of all the old threads before the move a lot of rubbish floating about would be easier to progress from here on out without them in the way.

    OT: Who has won the most Reach? Can see the top 3 being broken this time round, Fragby to be in there.
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    Shay New Member


    Why am i not on a team yet? someone pick me up! :)
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    FLeXyShoT New Member

    Like how I'm already down as an F/A. luv u bbz xoxox
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    Baxter Bizzle Active Member

    no problem sugar xxxx
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    Shay New Member

    Lets be honest rob, your dedication, is like a dead rat. :) love you.
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    FLeXyShoT New Member

    My dedication is sick! If I got on a team I would always be on, I'm sick as well. <3
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    Dreamseller New Member

    Awh mate look at Proxy n Shay joining this forum cos Baxter told em too'
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    ProXy New Member

    He advised it. I took it. Douche
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    Az @AdamCJMcLean

    That was my hard work :p done it all.

    What ever happened to F2Frag btw?
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    SMASH New Member

    If you can't get a scrim at any point add me: SMASH starts

    Apart from this week my team will be on most night, espcially in the weeks leading up to ECL. Sick of having no / the same teams to play against.

    Trying to improve.
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    richie IMPERIAL

    Welcome to the decerto hub, please enjoy your stay

    @Baxter Bizzle

    G O D
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    extrAA Yg

    welcome halo playerrrrrz
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    Shay New Member

    Thanks Karbonn :) x
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    Robba New Member

    Cant belive how u aint still got no team bruv.

    @Baxter Bizzle i belive Mersu is a F/A aswell.