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EGL Blackpool: Checklist

Discussion in 'EGL5 Blackpool - Finished' started by Razor, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Razor #Believe

    EGL Blackpool – Checklist

    With EGL Blackpool only around the corner, here is a list of everything you need in order to make your event a great success.


    - EGL Ticket - A printout of the EGL Ticket Confirmation if you have bought your tickets online prior to the event, which you would of received in an email on purchase (disregard this if you’re buying tickets on the door, but remember this will incur a £5 admin charge). This includes Spectator and Coach Tickets.

    - ID – You should bring a valid form of ID (passport/drivers licence etc) to avoid any confusion or difficulty entering the venue, and also to use on the ‘Night out’ after the event.

    - Consent form – If you’re under 18 and want to attend the event you’ll need to bring a signed consent form. Failure to do so may result in you being denied entry.

    - Transport documents/tickets (Railcard/Coach Cards) – Don’t forget your tickets if you’re travelling via coach or train to the event, likewise don’t forget your boarding pass and passport if you’re flying!

    - Hotel documents – The hotel email invoice supplied via email when you booked your hotel, so you don’t have any issues with check-in.


    - COD: MW3 Disk - You will also need to bring your MW3 Disk to this event, and it is unlikely we will have any spare.

    - Xbox 360 Hard-Drive/USB - All players must either bring a standard (non-slim) Xbox 360 Hard Drive, or a USB Stick with your profile (Gamertag) on, this must have Xbox Live Gold, failure to bring this, will mean you will not be able to play in the tournament.

    - Wired Controller- EGL has a strict wired only controller policy. No play & charge kits or wireless allowed. Scuf and Razer are allowed.

    - Headsets/audio – If you plan on using audio bear in mind we cannot allow you to plug anything into the mains.

    General items:

    - Bag – Not the kind you use for mass luggage, but just something to carry your equipment in during the day.

    - Clothes – Obviously.

    - Toiletries - Shower gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Deodorant, Razor, Tooth brush, Tooth Paste, Hairbrush (And dryer / Hair products) etc.

    - Mobile Phone & Charger– Not only this will be useful when you get lost, but if you’re late in the mornings, it’s worth having everyone on your team’s number to help with organisation.

    - Chargers - Any corresponding chargers and wires, including digital cameras, laptops and any other electrical products you plan on bringing.

    - Money – Obviously. Don’t forget to take your card and have some emergency cash

    - Food/Drink – Try and buy your food beforehand in supermarkets like Home Bargin or Tesco to avoid paying expensive amounts for food at the venue. The Norbeck does have a cafe & restaurant.

    - Europeans/Americans – Power adapters and the correct currency!

    General Information to remember:

    - Pre-registration takes place between 4-8pm on Friday.
    - Referees need to arrive at the venue approximately one hour before the venue opens.
    - The venue opens at 8.30am Saturday and 9am Sunday. Tournaments will begin at 9.30am sharp and players will forfeit series if they aren’t at the venue.
    - Any players 15 minutes late for a game will be forfeited. No matter what your position within the community is.
    - All teams will need to email their team name, roster, email address and mobile contact number to eglcod@hotmail.co.uk

    totally stolen from gemma
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    Im bringing Gemma back to my hotel room
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    JonJnr Well-Known Member

    @Razor if your under 18 you still need ID?
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    Razor #Believe

    Just to show you are who you say you are.
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    kezmul creature

    When do we have to email 'eglcod' with our team etc?
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    MadCat Self Made!

    @Razor do I need ID ? Never been ID'd before
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    Razor #Believe

    You may do it now. Before the event if you can.

    I'd just suggest brining some just incase.
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    Falconer Well-Known Member

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    Rhyz Bullen.

    At EGL4 on Sunday, we couldn't take any food/drink into the event,
    is this going to be the same, or was it just purely because of the sponser.
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    Razor #Believe

    You should be able to bring in non alcoholic drinks, however food I don't think so.
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    @xGemGem can you confirm this (also @Mohog has morgan now ... )
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    loveday10 Well-Known Member

    - Condoms #teamhandsome #hypznation @HYPZ

    Edit - Actually, fuck that. Bareback dat shit
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    MadCat Self Made!

    @Joshh remember to bring your condoms you will be getting lucky son haha
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    JonJnr Well-Known Member

    @Razor one of my team mates hasent got a passport, hes only 15 so he hasnt got driving license etc.. What should he do? :rolleyes:
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    Shizzle HOVA.

    Pretty sure you only need it if you're 18+
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    Razor #Believe

    Its fine, it's just reccomended you bring it just incase. Make sure he brings his email with ticket on it.
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    JonJnr Well-Known Member

    ino same, but he mentioned it above to still bring
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    xGemGem Member

    Can infact unconfirm this statement, it is not true.
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    Phily Well-Known Member

    @Razor Can you just answer a few quick questions for me please?

    - What time is it suggested to get to event on the Saturday, I'm going Saturday morning so won't have registered on the Friday
    - Can I bring a harddrive from a 360 elite console?
    - Student card good enough for I.D?

    Cheers in advance.
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    Rapture Well-Known Member

    Yes you can, as long as it's not from a slim Xbox you are fine
    Not sure. Should be fine if it has your DOB on it
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    Phily Well-Known Member

    Cheers mate :)
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    Nomad Well-Known Member

    My MW3 disk is saved to my HDD (New xbox slim) and that is the only way i can play it as it as a huge scratch that makes it unreadable. Don't really feel like forking out another £40 to use it for an hour or so, or clambering round trying to borrow other peoples. Any chance there being a few disks EGL can supply that people can rent? for the weekend...
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    Razor #Believe

    We may have some, but I'll literally only be able to tell you on the day.

    As some of them are totally done and scratched to death.
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    HYPZ Decerto Forums's $1m Sponsor

    mmmmmmmm bareback... PLZ COME BROMEO #TEAM HANDSOME
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    SwiveLL- Member

    Whens the bracket out?