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EGL Blackpool: Consent Forms

Discussion in 'EGL5 Blackpool - Finished' started by Razor, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Razor #Believe


    The EGL consent forms have been released. These will be needed to gain access to the event and to be able to play should you be under the age of 18. Any players under this age will be denied a place in the tournament. So please fill these out if that applies to you.

    Both of these forms will need to be printed out and completed and signed by a parent/guardian.

    Form 1
    Form 2

    If you are over 18, please bring ID to the event to prove this.

    Please remember unlike previous events, all players will need to bring their disk with them. Irregardless of age.

    Any questions post below or add my skype: alex.mcbride2
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    JayBick .....

    @everyone who moaned where are these from egl was announced
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    KiLeY @KILEYpls

    @Razor can you send me the files through skype or e-mail says I dont have Adobe Reader or something.
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    Razor #Believe

    Then how will you be able to open them?
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    KiLeY @KILEYpls

    dont worry now, worked on Firefox.
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    Jakeee- AR Slayer F/a

    do you hand these consent forms's in on the day?
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    Razor #Believe

    When you register to get your ticket and pay/hand over the email you have.
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    Doudou #Atmozlife

    Yes, you do it whilst you show your ticket at the event.
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    Jakeee- AR Slayer F/a

    could you put us on the team list also :)
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    Jakeee- AR Slayer F/a

    Cheers :)
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    Rapture Well-Known Member

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    JNuttall Well-Known Member

    First line's a bit misleading. Are they needed to spectate the event? @Razor @Rapture
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    Ryder. Young, Wild & Free

    some joke how I need Consent forms still have you not seen me :|