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EGL London - Day 1 Review

Discussion in 'EGL4 London' started by Emotion, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Emotion Administrator

    We're live here at EGL London for the second day of this 50+ team Black Ops event at the Emirates Stadium. The doors opened yesterday to allow hundreds of competitive gamers into the building with the majority proportion from the CoD community.


    With so many teams here it was inevitable that their would be some massive upsets and yesterday certainly didn't fail to deliver. All of the top 5 teams have struggled so far against opponents they really should have destroyed. Fnatic found it tough to get off the ground playing against Final Era, resulting in taking it to the final map where they eventually won 2-0 on Demo. Mythix found themselves in the loser bracket after only 2 games after the unseeded team matched up against Enigma on main stage. After a long fought battle it ended in the Frenchman dropping down to face what could be the longest loser bracket fight of all time. The biggest shock of the day however was when Imperial 2, the 12th seed, demolished the number 1 seed Infused in a 3-0 shocker. No one saw it coming but it happened and they are now fighting through the loser bracket. apeX have also struggled, being knocked out by Enigma and also battling the loser bracket with a minefield of top teams to fight through.

    Fnatic playing against Final Era

    There has been plenty of other great games with the crowd getting behind the teams for both the fan favourites and the underdogs. With plenty of CoD getting stream time it's meant that you guys at home have also had a chance to experience the action from this event.

    Rel and Tunny on the EGL CoD stream

    Day 2 is kicking off and there has already been some huge upsets so we can't wait to see what's going to happen today. Remember to keep checking back for updates! You can check out the bracket of the tournament HERE and of course our coverage hub HERE.

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    Crazy Well-Known Member

    Bissel is to sexy.
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    CTOM Follow me on twitterz @ThomasECoughlin

    I take my hat off to Mellow for organising such a good stream as far as the call of duty scene goes. Good games on both streams with decent commentary as well, as a spectator this is the most professional I've seen an EU event.
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    Kayzah Just Kay

    Thats me on the left in Green :D .