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EGL London - Gunshi Interviewed After Coming Top 12

Discussion in 'EGL4 London' started by Emotion, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Emotion Administrator

    Today we witnessed one of the biggest shocks in the Call of Duty community when the number 1 seed for the tournament, Infused, was knocked out of the tournament by Fariko Yin, a side that had basically been unperforming all event.

    Infused now take a top 12 placement and for one of their players, Tomas 'Gunshi' Jones, it'll go down as one of his worst gaming career defeats despite attending events for over 3 years. We had a quick chat about what happened this weekend.

    Gunshi far left with the Infused team

    Gunshi, you've just come top 12, what happened?

    It was a mixture of both players choking and we just didn't play as what we should be playing like. We've had less practice than we would have liked over the last few weeks. Going into the tournament we've only played for a week and a half and even then it's been not consistent. It's not a valid excuse because we should have done better but when you have teams like Imperial 2 have been playing solid for months then they deserve to win. This tournament has been weird for results.

    Is this your lowest ever tournament placement?

    By a mile, before this the lowest I've come is fifth at the EGL gamerbase LAN we had when me, XLNC, Rumsey and Necrome under performed. It's come as a bit of a shock because I'm so used to placing highly. A lot of our attention is now focused on MW3.

    Did you expect to get 3-0'd by Imperial 2?

    No we didn't expect it but we lost 2 maps because one player did some major choke moments that resulted in us losing. These choke moments cost you LAN at the end of the day but that player had been playing sick all weekend so we can't really point the finger, it happens.

    What happened against Fariko Yin?

    I don't even know where to start. S+D for example we were 5-1 up and then we generally just lost it and eventually lost 6-5. I couldn't believe it happened. The last map was Firing range demo and the reason we lost 2-0 was because our team is a slaying team and not a team that are setup for objective therefore people ended up playing for themselves and not the team.

    Is this the classic too many allstars don't make a good team?

    Yep, you need people who are going to do dirty work for you like when we used to play in Fnatic, Doped was always on objective. I knew before picking up this team that it could be an issue but I didn't expect it to be this bad.

    Will you stick together as a team?

    We'll have to see over the next couple of other days because MW3 is due for release and there is other stuff coming up. Hopefully we stay as a team but it'll all depend on how players in the team take the feedback that needs to be given because something has to change in order for us to be a proper team.

    Gunshi far left speaking to former team mate MC

    What have you thought of the event so far regardless of your score?

    It's good event, completely the wrong setup for a LAN. It's meant to be a big hall with everything going on but this is all seperated and I can't really describe it. Doesn't feel like a big LAN, just feels like almost a social LAN. The location is amazing but not enough space inside. The LAN here has also been a bit weird because we've experienced some lag. It's not an excuse but it could definately be improved but I think that's more down to the game, roll on MW3.

    Any shoutouts?

    Everyone I've teamed with in the past, our sponsors at Infused and anyone who supported us going into the event and sorry we didn't do better.

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    LiaMJD @_LiamJD

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    Mayhxm Well-Known Member

    T2 seeds and Mythix out the competition.... biggest upset in ECL/EGL history?
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    Acta Active Member

    new predictions: top3 Imperial.2 Foreign Fnactic and who knows Fariko.Yin.Allstars
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    Renzoo Well-Known Member

    im disappoint.
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    MattjaAAA Team Refuse

    One of the biggest upsets in Call of Duty history :p
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    Lyle Nemesis

    fnatic enigma foreign t3
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    C LocA Well-Known Member

    You win some you lose some.
    Even if you're seeded 1st
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    Dan Zeus

    I think their faces in the pics say it all lol, unlucky on the placement what a weird lan
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    Rapz Active Member

    Loooooooooooool !!!
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    Delusion > <><

    Imperial.2 to take this against Foreign, then Fnatic to beat them in WB Final. Enigma vs Fnatic Final> Enigma win.
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    Kyru Well-Known Member

    who did mythix lose to in the LB?
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    C LocA Well-Known Member

    LiNK i think
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    JaCk B Famous.

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    GENERIC @genericeu

    pretty embarrassing.

    also who is the guy in the blue egl t-shirt?

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    Rooster FUBAR

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    Leyton Royal Anglian Regiment

    Unlucky with your placements, was at egl yesterday and yeah its wierd having it spread out in different rooms.
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    Shizzle HOVA.

  19. Online

    GENERIC @genericeu

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    Cazi The Messi of CoD.

    XLNC and Gunshi will hopefully stay together as the teams going to certainly split.
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    gLiKe Well-Known Member

    At end of day imperial.2 are just better gamers
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    Lyle Nemesis

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    Cazi The Messi of CoD.

    alright we will seen in a couple of weeks,
    stop looking for likes and reply with a proper answer you tard,
    not arguing here anyway.
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    Vickerz Active Member

    Just shows even top teams choke with a lack of practise up to the event.This should prove that Imperial.2 should become imperial.1 IMO though.
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    Elzzy T1 Active Member

    I'd blame the connection lol
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