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EGL London - Interview with FWIZ

Discussion in 'EGL4 London' started by Emotion, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Emotion Administrator

    EGL London is kicking off and we have interviewed one of the guests here commentating, Ryan 'Fwiz' Wyatt. The American commentator has been brought over by Scuf Gaming to give the EU fans some of his legendary casting. Check out our quick interview with him below!


    Welcome to London, how you feeling?

    Really well, I’m enjoying myself. This is awesome what EGL is doing and loving how big the CoD scene is here. This reminds me of MLG in 08 so I’m excited to see how what is in store for EGL.

    How have you found London?

    Londonhas treated me well so far and I went out on Thursday and it was great. (In a bad british accent) “I fancy it”.

    You’re going to be on stream all weekend, who you looking forward to see play?

    I can’t wait to see the apeX boys play because I know they didn’t do to well at MLG and I know they are second seed here and looking to redeem themselves. Infused and Mythix also, I’ve heard so much about them and I’m pumped to see them play because both teams did well at XP and hopefully here at EGL.


    How you going to handle the difference between MLG and Decerto rules?

    I mean as far as commentating it’s very similar and as I’m a fan of Decerto rules I’m pretty familiar despite the change in game modes and maps. The gameplay is so much faster and less methodical than MLG which tailors to my commentating.

    Are you looking forward to spreading the word to the US fans?

    Yeah It’s a huge reason I’m here and I want that gap to be bridged between theUSand theUKscene and breaking down that barrier allows for a universal scene. I want to drive traffic as much as I can and get everyone with a common interest involved with EGL.


    Why didn’t Optic attend despite having the funds?

    I think Optic have been really busy and have been working with Activision and their main focus is finishing MLG strong atProvidence. You can definitely expect Optic to have a presecence at EGL next year because I know they really want to come out.

    Looking forward to the universal ruleset for MW3?

    Yeah it’ll be interesting to see how MLG pans out because they’ve been quiet about next year and what game. If they don’t do a universal ruleset I’ll be publicly unhappy about it because it’s foolish if we don’t have one.


    Good luck this weekend, any shout outs?

    Yeah I want to thank Scuf for sending me out here, EGL for having me, Tunny and Rel and Decerto for bringing coverage to the masses. Thanks to everyone in the UKfor having me over also and for the warm welcome I’ve received.Oh and obviously a massive shoutout to my Machinima boys (and girls!). Also check out my twitter @Fwiz.

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    Madnuss @Madnussoops

    Cant wait for Optic to come over and choke
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    doubt they would choke, most likely still get a sick placement..
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    Madnuss @Madnussoops

    Depends what the diffrence between the rules are tbh
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    Adamzi @AdamTayLAD

    why would they choke lol
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    Conspa 'Campy-Conspa'

    Enjoy watching him on the stream, oh wait..
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    DIZZ Well-Known Member

    they won't choke
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    Ruud Van Murfin Member

    OpTic havnt heard of the word choke....
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    Delusion > <><

    Good read, would be interesting for OpTic to come over, they wouldn't choke.
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    Kyru Well-Known Member

    OpTic will come over and probably win tbh, theyll be too organised and too solid as a team
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    Unxque Active Member

    OpTiC might choke but they might not it depends how they like the decerto rules and how well they do with them...
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    CTOM Follow me on twitterz @ThomasECoughlin

    It will no doubt be a universal ruleset for MW3 so if they did come over to EGL, they wouldn't need to practice a different ruleset. So I would expect them to place highly.
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    zT_MuziQ B!#CH I'M A.. MOTHER'F#!%*N MARTIAN.

    yes, but MLG get paid by sony for there events, so they would have to swap back to xbox for every event, kind of like what apeX had to do. All in all if they do place bad, and we say were the best, like they did, its just gonna result in them saying about the controller... like we did.
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    McKeown Member

    im pretty sure MW3 MLG is XBOX next season.
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    Riskey Active Member

    Everybody loveees fwiz <3
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    zT_MuziQ B!#CH I'M A.. MOTHER'F#!%*N MARTIAN.

    well if sony don't pay for it, then it will be, but sony outbid microsoft for the support, which is why it went over to PS3. And if sony had that much interest in the competitive scene, i don't see why they would not try and get the contract again, after how successful MLG has been, as everyone had to buy PS3's.
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    shadezl0l just thumbin about

    There is no point in having a universal ruleset unless there is somehow dedicated servers. MLG want to keep the rules as close to default as possible for MW3 to appeal to as many players as possible. If Decerto bums them and follows that ruleset I'll be violently sick all over my Xbox.
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    Tommie Well-Known Member

    At the end of the day its a controller, if the team is good and organised then they will do well no matter what the shape and feel of the controller. It would be good to have Optic over so more MLG teams come over and EGL gets even bigger and better...
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    calzoo. Well-Known Member

    OpTic coming over would be sick! easily come top 3 with a universal ruleset, even without they wouldn't choke.
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    Fluff New Member

    OpTic won't choke, not a chance they will be willing to attend an event as unprepared as apeX were for Orlando.
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    Petee Well-Known Member

    Such a sick commentator
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    Envz VBR Envz

    Brilliant Shout Caster
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    big_monk Well-Known Member

    They probably have...
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    Lyle Nemesis

    you all know nothing lul

    nice interview