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EGL4: London Final Placements

Discussion in 'EGL4 London' started by Rosso, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Mattz If only...

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    OLi w Appeninnnn

    How dare you call me ugly Matthew i've just finished bangin an ez 8
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    trauma< Calimity

    no muppet just bandit got an ego, and i have no idea why, the boy isnt good
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    Bandit Well-Known Member

    Want to back that up with some valid points you weird looking ferret? We've both been to one LAN, both placed the same and you had a far easier run. The only time I saw you play was against Savage and you went negative every map despite winning 3-0, turn on by @nayf on S&D was just grim.

    Please stop mentioning egos when you're the one who has one. I don't have an ego but i'm not just going to sit there and not respond to some weido like you who thinks they're good but in reality has achieved nothing more than me.
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    trauma< Calimity

    i played against savage, you do have an ago for saying your team is better then every other team you outplaced? you make me laugh, yes i got turned on, problem ? your ego is so high have you never been turned on ? i play good against savage thankyou, your face is disgusting, Methodox Welshy > your alien head from outta space
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    Bandit Well-Known Member

    1. Learn to spell
    2. We weren't a team
    3. We were pick ups and still out placed these so called 'teams'
    4. We out placed them for a reason.
    5. You really need to stop talking about looks when you're ugly, I hate it when people do that.
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    Jonz New Member

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    broonicus1 Well-Known Member

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    trauma< Calimity

    ohh the irony
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    broonicus1 Well-Known Member

    i am shit i dont care.
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    OriginaL_FresH AR Slayer - EGL10 - StatiX Gaming

    Buzzing for egl5