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EGL7 Blackpool Coverage Thread

Discussion in 'EGL7: Blackpool' started by Emotion, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Emotion Administrator

    We're back in Blackpool again this weekend with our biggest coverage team yet, ready to report back on the on-goings of the European Gaming League's 7th event. We're expecting some upsets and teams to go huge, we're expecting stuff to go wrong, we're expecting stuff to go right and we definitely expecting a delay or two. We might even find one of the content team hovering over a toilet bowl with a bible underneath them again, nobody knows yet.


    All we do know is that we're going to provide the best possible coverage we can over the weekend and you'll be able to find ALL of the information right here on Decerto.net. Check out all the links you'll ever need below as we update this thread all weekend. It can also be found using the massive banner on every page that says EGL7 Coverage.

    Main Stage Stream - www.Twitch.tv/EGLtv
    CoD Feature Stage Stream - www.Twitch.tv/EGLCod

    Main Tournament Bracket - LINK

    Other EGL Related Info
    Official EGL Master Thread - LINK

    Day 2 Gallery - LINK
    Day 1 Gallery - LINK
    Day 0 Gallery - LINK

    Team Dignitas End of Day 1 Interview - LINK [Saturday Night]
    TW Morgan Interview - LINK [Saturday Night]
    Fariko Yin Interview After Beating FeaR - LINK [Saturday Night]
    Fariko Yin vs FeaR Final 2 Minutes - LINK [Saturday Night]
    Optic Gaming Day 1 Interview - LINK [Saturday Night]
    T1 Goes Ham - LINK [Saturday Afternoon]
    Venue Tour - LINK [Saturday Afternoon]
    Out-takes of Martin and Razors Interview - LINK [Saturday Afternoon]
    Interview with EGL Admins Razor and Martin - LINK [Saturday Afternoon]Commentary Team Interview - LINK [Saturday Morning]
    A View From Above - LINK [Friday Night]
    Tunny Checks Out Madcatz's Damage Inc - LINK [Friday Night]
    Looking At EGL's New Camera Toy - LINK [Friday Night]

    Event Articles
    Optic Gaming Victorious and Final Placements - LINK [Sunday Night]
    FeaR Knocked Out in Fourth - LINK [Sunday Night]
    FeaR to Face SK Gaming on Stream - LINK [Sunday Night]
    Pre-Grand Final Interview with Optic Gaming - LINK [Sunday Night]
    SK Gaming's Revival - LINK [Sunday Night]
    Indepth Look at Fallen Teams - LINK [Sunday Evening]
    End of Tournament Interview with Monksy - LINK [Sunday Evening]
    The Big Names Start To Fall - LINK [Sunday Evening]
    Final Placements So Far - LINK [Sunday Evening]
    Video Interview with Prophecy Shane - LINK [Sunday Afternoon]
    SK Gaming vs Prophecy Reaction Video - LINK [Sunday Afternoon]
    Post Event Interview with TCM Jake - LINK [Sunday Afternoon]
    Optic Knock Dignitas Down To Loser Bracket - LINK [Sunday Afternoon]
    SK Mak Post Tournament Video Interview - LINK [Sunday Midday]
    Day 2 Gallery Online - LINK [Sunday Midday]
    Prophecy vs Dignitas WBR5 Match Report - LINK [Sunday Midday]
    Phobia vs apeX WBR5 Match Report - LINK [Sunday Midday]
    T1 Video Interview After Beating apeX - LINK [Sunday Morning]
    Dignitas Riddlez Video Interview After Beating Prophecy - LINK [Sunday Morning]
    Video Interview with 4Kings - LINK [Sunday Morning]
    Day 2 Starts - LINK [Sunday Morning]
    Day One Final Recap - LINK [Saturday Night]
    Optic put Fariko Yin into Loser Bracket Match Report - LINK [Saturday Night]
    TW Morgan Interview - LINK [Saturday Night]
    Team Dignitas End of Day 1 Video - LINK [Saturday Night]
    FeaR Fall to Fariko Yin Match Report - LINK [Saturday Night]
    Fariko Yin Interview After Beating FeaR - LINK [Saturday Night]
    Fariko Yin vs FeaR Final 2 Minutes Video - LINK [Saturday Night]
    Optic Gaming Video Interview - LINK [Saturday Night]
    T1 Goes Ham - LINK [Saturday Night]
    Venue Tour Video - LINK [Saturday Evening]
    Dark Horse Watch - Day 1 Summary - LINK [Saturday Evening]
    Video Interview with EGL7 Admins Razor and Martin - LINK [Saturday Evening]
    Day 1 Summary So Far - LINK [Saturday Evening]
    Written Interview with Proph Sowerz - LINK [Saturday Afternoon]
    Video Interview with EGL7 Commentary Team - LINK [Saturday Afternoon]
    Interview with 4Kings Pascoe - LINK [Saturday Afternoon]
    MW3 Tournament Ahead of Schedule - LINK [Saturday Afternoon]
    FeaR vs mX WBR2 Report - LINK [Saturday Afternoon]
    Prophecy vs Manoeuvre WBR2 Match Report - LINK [Saturday Afternoon]
    TCM vs AF4 WBR2 Match Report - LINK [Saturday Afternoon]
    Day 1 Gallery Online + Highlights - LINK [Saturday Midday]
    Early tournament Interview with Flux - LINK [Saturday Midday]
    Streams Are Live - LINK [Saturday Midday]
    Brackets + Full Team List - LINK [Saturday Morning]
    Doors Are Open - LINK [Saturday Morning]
    Day 0 Gallery Online! - LINK [Friday Night]
    Setup Day Behind The Scenes Videos - LINK [Friday Night]
    Event Layout Preview - LINK [Friday Afternoon]
    Decerto MW3 Predictions - LINK [Friday Morning]

    Pre-Event Interviews
    Optic Rambo - LINK
    FeaR Ricky - LINK
    Proph Shane, Swanny + Gunsh - LINK
    TCM Jake and Flux - LINK
    EGL Razor and Martin - LINK
    SK Josh and Madcat - LINK
    Dignitas Riddlez - LINK

    Notable Twitters + Links
    Official Decerto - www.Twitter.com/Decerto_net
    Decerto France - www.Twitter.com/DecertoFrance
    Official EGL - www.Twitter.com/EGLpro
    Emotion [Content Team] - www.Twitter.com/EmoOnEsports
    Defiant [Content Team] - www.Twitter.com/DecertoDefiant
    Ferluff [Content Team] - www.Twitter.com/Ferluff
    Loukas [Content Team] - www.Twitter.com/DecertoLoukas
    Jonas [FR Content Team] - www.Twitter.com/Mythix_OxygenJF
    Razor [EGL Admin] - www.Twitter.com/Razer_McBride
    Martin [EGL Admin - www.Twitter.com/MartinConnor23
    Riddlez [Dignitas Player] - www.Twitter.com/DignitasRiddlez
    Tobi [SK Player] - www.Twitter.com/SK_The_Tobi
    Rambo [Optic Player] - www.Twitter.com/OpticRamboRay
    Rel + Momo [Commentator + 4K Player] www.Twitter.com/TheVpBrothers
    Apoc [FeaR Manager] www.Twitter.com/FearApoc
    Shane [Proph Player] www.Twitter.com/ProphShane
    Tunny [Commentator] www.Twitter.com/_Tunn
    Calvin [Decerto Staff] www.Twitter.com/Calv1nusFariko Gallery - LINK
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    BRAAD Well-Known Member

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    Deviable Well-Known Member

    Can't wait!
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    Bundo MEOW

    I'll see you guys there.
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    Eddie. Team Intensify

    Good Luck to all teams, can't wait :)
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    Emotion Administrator

    There is more chance of me winning with one hand 1 v 4 than you attending. Especially as you're late!
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    FerLuff illest

    Follow me. Twitter in sig.
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    Bundo MEOW

    Maybe next time then..
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    BeNZo Active Member

    Carnt wait :D
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    ReGGae Active Member

    How many teams are expected?
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    Shizzle HOVA.

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    T Well-Known Member

    You coming to this?
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    Teeno Well-Known Member

    just packing my bag.. ready to come and smash no one and place last ;)
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    OLdfieLD Very Tall

    cant wait
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    Shadowz Well-Known Member

    Good luck to all teams taking part, wish I could have been there.
    Expected to be a great event!
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    solutioN GOML

    GL to all teams thats attending.
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    Teeno Well-Known Member

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    kezmul creature

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    Smithy96- "Light Weight BABY!"

    gl everyone! sweat your asses off!
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    ALISTAlR Well-Known Member

    fanks smithy mate x x x
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    FerLuff illest

    Yup doing coverage bru
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    Taylor The Creator Active Member

    It's gonna be sick
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    McKTiZeR Twitch.tv/Mcktizer

    is every single game goin to be streamed ?? and is it going to be streamed via twitch or from the egl website
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    Teeno Well-Known Member

    Every single game will be streamed.. they created 20 twitch accounts to stream at each station.
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    Emotion Administrator

    Ignore @Teeno.

    There will be two streams that CoD will be on. Mainstage and the CoD stream. Cod stream naturally will always be CoD, mainstage may vary if a big game is on for GoW or Halo, like the final. The links will be added to this thread and news posts/tweets made by us when they go live.
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