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[EGL7] Day 0 Setup Gallery Online

Discussion in 'EGL7: Blackpool' started by Loco, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Loco @Loco

    The European Gaming League's 7th event is almost setup and the Decerto camera has once again been busy at work taking various pictures of the event and the people behind it. The first gallery of the event is called Day 0, check it out HERE and take a look at some of our favourite pictures below;







    View the full gallery HERE.

    Follow Decerto all weekend for the latest European Gaming League updates for MW3! We'll be providing pictures, videos, articles and more from Friday till Sunday! Please follow us on Twitter for the latest and check out our coverage thread HERE.
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    TheHatchetMan @TheHatchetManEU

    No pics of Super Spark? :(
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    Loco @Loco

    He's camera shy. Emotion will get him tomorrow when he's not suspecting it.
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    Conzo Well-Known Member

    Would it be possible to add underneath the pictures who the gamers are as I have no clue who half of the people in the pictures are, it would be good especially for the pictures of teams to add an annotation saying who is who. Just a suggestion @Loco
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    SkitzoCal AeroLux TNDO

    looks class
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    Daltohn Active Member

    Do you have more bins this time?
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    HazClayton cat

    lad in the 3rd picture on far right deffo needs to hit clothes thread.
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    Candy @alex_cartwright

    LOL! haha!!!