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[EGL7] Decerto's Prediction Thread

Discussion in 'EGL7: Blackpool' started by Emotion, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Emotion Administrator

    You didn't think we'd let the 7th European Gaming League event start without a prediction thread did you? Well rest assured for those worried, the next thousand or so words will hopefully give those with no idea, a little more idea, and those with some idea, something to complain about as we go through who we think is going to perform this weekend.


    With what could be the most stacked tournament to date with more twists and turns with the top teams than ever before building up to it, we're 100% in for an amazing weekend of MW3 action and we're going to bring you every important detail with our biggest staff team yet. Check out our predictions below from the Decerto content team attending EGL7 this weekend.

    1st Place – Optic Gaming
    [IMG] Rambo [IMG] BigTymer [IMG] Scump [IMG] Merk

    They came to EGL in Blackpool only a few months ago and made sure everyone knew they were there as they stormed the tournament demolishing everyone and anything in their path. Prophecy were the only ones that looked like a challenge to them and despite that, they only dropped a map to them, their only map all tournament. Have they become complacent and won't try? We find it very unlikely. With immense team work and the skill to match, it's going to take an extremely disciplined and resourceful team who've done their home work to beat them and unfortunately for those in attendance, we can't see it happening. 1st place without losing a game is our prediction, although we think this time they'll perhaps have more of a struggle to pull it off. We will hopefully see some close games with the likes of FeaR and Prophecy and the other top European teams to push them to the limit.

    2nd Place – Prophecy
    [IMG] Sowerz [IMG] Gunshy [IMG] Swanny [IMG] Shane

    They've talked the talk and now they have to walk the walk. With big talk from both Swanny and Shane over the course of the last weeks, if they fail here they're going to have to face plenty of stick from the European community. For those Prophecy fans out there though we don't think you've got much to worry about, depending on how the bracket falls we can see them cruising to a face off with Optic who'll knock them into the loser bracket, they'll realise they need to step their game up and they could take FeaR if they meet. Sowerz will lead from the front, Gunshy will just destroy people and Swanny and Shane will clean up the rest. A team with far too much experience, they have adapted and worked on their play style since losing to Optic and wW at EGL5. There might be a few close calls but all in all this team have got mainstage practically tattoo'd on their face. We just don't think they'll be able to take down Optic however who'll be impervious to their shit talk and will adapt quickly. They'll be the best European team by the end of this event, they just won't be the best in the world.

    3rd Place – FeaR
    [IMG] Ricky [IMG] Killa [IMG] Phizzurp [IMG] John

    When Optic came over for EGL5 they quickly adapted to the fast paced and often random play of the European teams, playing with extreme discipline to overcome the pressures of the jet lag and the hype surrounding the team. I don't think FeaR are going to be as well prepared and with some people on the team who are known to lose their cool, it could end up getting too much for them when it comes down to the crunch. They do possess some insane skill and they're used to the pressures of an event, however coming half way across the planet, with little sleep and being thrust into a new environment, I can see them falling towards the last hurdles. Not to be over rated but certainly not to be underrated, this team will do well, we just don't think well enough to their no doubt high expectations and perhaps low expectations of the European scene.

    4th Place – TCM Gaming
    [IMG] Jake [IMG] Flux [IMG] Rich ?

    This team could have rivalled Prophecy to be the top European team with their original line up however after suffering a huge loss as their captain Hammers was taken into hospital this week, their new fourth is going to have a huge task on their hands. If the rumours of their new player are true they shouldn't have too much to worry about with the rest of the competition, however a team like this who are known to constantly attack, without their captain and lead comms, will they struggle towards the end of the tournament? A really unfortunate set of circumstances has led to this situation but we think they'll do well, just not as well as they'd have liked.

    5th Place - Dignitas
    [IMG] Tommey [IMG] Riddlez [IMG] Wonder [IMG] Ryder

    They're aiming for top 6 as minimum and we think this team certainly have the potential to pull this off. With veterans in the team including former apeX Pro players Tommey and Riddlez, we could see this team even potentially placing higher. Wonder and Ryder should not be forgotten either, despite not having as celebrated careers as the other two, they have put the time and effort in for this event. They'll need to be careful not to fall victim of some of the other well practised teams that could potentially catch them off guard however we think they'll see this result as a good placing for a team that can improve so much.

    Dark Horse #1 – Link Gaming
    [IMG] LukeJs [IMG] Ryan [IMG] Kyle [IMG] Legend

    The first Dark Horse prediction is for the latest Link Gaming line up. Featuring the other half of the Sowersby brothers with LukeJs, the team has more experience than people perhaps give credit for. Impressive online performances and unbelievable amounts of practice mean this team will be pushing strong for their top 8 position and if all goes well, we could see them being a lot higher.

    Dark Horse #2 – Fariko Yin
    [IMG] Amaze [IMG] Baider [IMG] Fizzy [IMG] Luke

    Another hotly tipped team to do well is the boys from the funded Fariko team. Featuring everyone's favourite PS3 convert in Amaze, this team are another extremely well practiced and disciplined team. Seeded 1 spot higher than Link Gaming they too will have ambitions of placing much higher. As with Link, we could see some upsets against the big dogs if they don't treat these teams with respect.

    Choke Team – SK Gaming
    [IMG] Tobi [IMG] Blackk [IMG] Josh [IMG] Madcat

    We know two young individuals who'll no doubt be a bit upset with this prediction however when you lose the captain of the team and the guy that keeps them together, shit hits the fan. We're of course talking about Mak not playing for the team at this event due to other commitments and the replacement of former player Madcat. When you put two players together who are as loud and brash as Josh and Madcat, if it starts to go wrong they're going to expect Tobi and Blackk to keep them afloat. Unfortunately we don't see it happening and the normal cool calm collected aura of the team could end up being hampered. The team certainly have the skill and talent to place well, this weekend will test if it's enough.


    Think we're wrong? Give us your EGL7 Predictions below!

    Follow Decerto all weekend for the latest European Gaming League updates for MW3! We'll be providing pictures, videos, articles and more from Friday till Sunday! Use our EGL7 coverage thread HERE.
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    Bakezy thisthisthis

    @Emotion TCM picked up marc i think good read too:)
    Cant see SK chokin but would be brilliant just because of recent events with 2 members etc
    or maybe i misheard seeing as the are quite alike
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    Reality_DE Realityy Hits Hard

    they picked up Mak
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    Bakezy thisthisthis

    wait what
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    PaScoE Well-Known Member

    lol, unaware
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    RyanRidingH00D Well-Known Member

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    FerLuff illest

    Mak isn't even in England. Seems legit.
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    ImAizeN New Member

    Fear will win every SnD Game :)
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    Rez Well-Known Member

    TCM Deffo Picked up @Bakezy hes just trying to act all innocent
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    - Cookie - Well-Known Member

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    Lyle Nemesis

    seem like i'm backing him too much but why you calling him a idiot? How is he supposed to know?

    @rohan! it don't show for most if not all, think only mods see it atm.
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    Bakezy thisthisthis

    u r meant to bum twitter and stalk people on holiday jeez
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    #Astekz Well-Known Member

    hes back earlier than he fault mate
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    Amir Nouhas Active Member

    Darkhorse : Roughnex.Black - Team done very well last time under Horizon.X. Watch out for them good luck lads.
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    Blackk Curse

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    Reality_DE Realityy Hits Hard

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    Challis Impossible is nothing

    He is now apparently he came back early or some shit.
    Stuck your head out there @Emotion predicting SK outside top3
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    Reality_DE Realityy Hits Hard

    think about it they havent scrimmed once together so:\
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    Bakezy thisthisthis

    yes but combined they have more gameplay than half the teams attending put together
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    ShAnE eat your nan

    perfect predictions, although i would say dignitas to come top 3/4. disregard FeaR, nobody cares about them
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    Challis Impossible is nothing

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought madcat had been playing with them ever since Mak went away/announced he couldnt go?
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    TyzeR Well-Known Member

    Mak is doing charity work in Ecuador

    OT - Please dont let an NA team win. Proph for 1st place
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    AssassuN. Well-Known Member

    1: Proph
    2: Optic
    3: TCM
    4: Fear
    5: 4K
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    Emotion Administrator

    That's how I roll.
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    Reality_DE Realityy Hits Hard

    your talking about MaK he just joined "TCM" not "SK"