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[EGL7] Doors Are Open

Discussion in 'EGL7: Blackpool' started by loukas, Aug 4, 2012.

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    loukas @loukas_

    As the doors have now opened and the venue has filled out, the number of teams entered comes to rest. At 76, it is perhaps lower than expected, especially compared to the tournament just 4 months ago with the record breaking attendance of 113 teams. However, from glances around the venue, it's looking better than ever with the featured stage for CoD looking almost as big as the main stage. Also, those pesky projectors has been sorted out.


    In attendance this event, an increased number of teams from across the pond; both FeaR and OpTiC are showing their faces. With FeaR coming into the tournament without a seed, the potential for an upset is huge. All in all, the tournament looks as if whilst it may not be the most subscribed, definitely the most competitive to date.

    You can find the bracket HERE.

    The stream is HERE.

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    Russian Well-Known-Russian

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    SSaint Member

    Get the stream and the bracket up?
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    Rojtard Rojtard

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    Morley ¯\(ッ)/¯

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    Rosey Well-Known Member

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    Adamzi @AdamTayLAD

    People using my links, nom saying @Morley
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    Morley ¯\(ッ)/¯

    posted it before you in the other thread, umad?
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    xDanneee Member

    When will the streams be up?
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    loukas @loukas_

    updated OP with link to brackets and live stream.
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    Beardo.. Xzero Entertainment

    Lets go pH + Karnage!
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    SKMO 19.07.12 ❤

    haha @Ego
    medzon to play optic
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    tim_live TimRyan

    Anyway to see which players are in which team?
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    Ego Guest

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    zMessiah Badmon

    shud be fear vs pmp.mythix early on!
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    Adamzi @AdamTayLAD

    awh fuck.
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    Mayhxm Well-Known Member

    Must say I'm very surprised at the attendance. Especially now that LAN lobbies will be in use. Blackpool really must be a shit hole now lol.
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    Decertomike Active Member

    Goodluck to all the teams :D
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    SKMO 19.07.12 ❤

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    ReeceLake Well-Known Member

    anyone know when optic vs 4K is being streamed?