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[EU] TCM Find Late Pickup For EGL7

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by D-fianT, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Fariko Brainiac Fariko Founder

    It is to the discretion of EGL to change tournamentrules, i.e. how to seed. Just like it is to the DE-rules-council to change the ingame rules at any time if need be. Sudden changes are more than acceptable in cases of extreme circumstances. I for one think these are extreme cirumstances and EGL can treat different teams differently. They just need to publicly explain it. That's all.
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    Razor #Believe

    FeaR didn't get seeded because I asked if they should be treat any differently of how good they are and they haven't been to a EGL event before. I got about 95% saying that they shouldn't be seeded. I put the decision in your hands.

    In future I might scrap the roster lock becuase it just causes too much hassle and problems and no one even sticks to it.
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    Fariko Brainiac Fariko Founder

    don't be put down by a couple of negative effects; the positive effect of roster lock outweighs by far the unclarity of teams and their seeding. don't give in too easily.
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    white > geeza Candy

    decerto corruption
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    Paul- Well-Known Member

    The roster lock was a good idea i just think that you should of stuck by what you said and the amount of teams snaking players was un called for so when they know you mean business that will stop.
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    Nomad Well-Known Member

    A couple of weeks scims with a stand in or the team work and chemistry you've worked up with someone you've teamed with for an age and consistently placed well with. Obviously...
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    SirBreeze Active Member

    Partiality at its finest. Tiny mess ups like this will be the reason that EGL's growth will be halted, need to be a lot more professional. Seen a few partial decisions that I thought where disgraceful on EGL's part. Stick to your word IMO.
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    Smithhh Well-Known Member

    No we stick to it, its the EGL "top" staff that don't stick to it You know they should not be seeded.
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    aMaZe Reason AJ

    dont scrap it, just stick to your word in the future.
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    Acid7 ex-Prophecy Boss

    The problem is you might as well scrap it now then, cause you will have to allow for exceptances at all events with top teams if this is your thinking behind it. You cant at EGL8 then go unseed a team if this happens to another top team otherwise things will kick off again.

    You have to make a decision now to either forget the roster lock, or unseed TCM. MLG have unseeded top teams before becuase of roster changes and look where they are now, don't be afraid to unseed a big team cause you feel you might get criticism, stick to the rules you first implicated
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    TheHatchetMan @TheHatchetManEU

    It needs to be worded better in my opinion. I don't agree with teams taking the piss dropping players/making changes in the lead up to the event although in the instance where it is the fault of the team rather than the player then I'd be more understanding.

    Something like:

    1.1: If a team makes a roster change through dropping a player after the roster lock then the remaining team mates will lose their seeding points and the remaining F/A will still have his if he wishes to join another team.
    1.2: In the instance where a player has left a team then that one player will lose their seeding points if they are to join another team for the tournament.

    I believe only the perpetrators should be getting punished rather than the unfortunate team mates who suffer from their actions.
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    TheHatchetMan @TheHatchetManEU

    Out of interest do you believe FeaR should of been unseeded?
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    HYPZ Decerto Forums's $1m Sponsor

    how about u all address the main problem people are facing aka ur haircuts
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    o Burts v Active Member

    Clearly the roster lock rule is supposed to prevent people snaking teams at last minute, this circumstance cannot be helped and is clearly not the fault of TCM so I can see why they have retained their seed. The EU community is far less commercial and more personnel then that of MLG teams and therefore the level of professionalism doesn't need to be as high, especially with mostly voluntary staff, but that's my take on it
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    Acid7 ex-Prophecy Boss

    realistically no, but cause they are then there shouldnt be an issue unseeding TCM to, otherwise FeaR should have been generated a random seed.

    look at Infused and apeX when we went to MLG's, we had to start from scracth, it's how it should be. the rules shouldnt be changed to suit bigger teams
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    Deann Well-Known Member

    Seems like all the big teams are scared to get them if they are unseeded in case they lose and get a bad placement. Yeah fair enough the top teams deserve a decent placement, but its only fair that teams like Fear do go unseeded and have to start fresh rather than just giving them a seed so the top teams can avoid them until the later stages.
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    shadezl0l just thumbin about

    far too many people care about it far too much. just get on with it.
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    Delusion > <><

    I think they should have kept their seeds definitely, it was no fault of their own that Hammers got sick after the roster lock. I think the rules should be changed so that for cases where the players/team cannot prevent an incident like poor health or a family issue that the 3 players remaining in the team keep their seeds.
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    Rooster FUBAR

    completely different being unseeded in mlg as u play in the amateur bracket first, therefore not coming up against the big teams and effecting the placements....
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    Saiyan Ryan Well-Known Member

    SK would've had to lose all seeding points in doing that so makes sense not to..
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    Acid7 ex-Prophecy Boss

    ye but they still did this before pool play was introduced. when halo teams went across they were unseeded. Just think that rules should be stuck to no matter who it is, i can honestly admit i wouldnt want this treatment to just Proph if it was the same situation. rules are there for a reason :)

    what i was mainly getting at was that EGL either need to get rid of the lock completely or enforce the rule now cause it will only cause problems at future events. Say if EGL8 we have an issue and have to change a player after the lock then they'd have to leave us in our spot to otherwise it's unfair. Reason for me saying they need to think hard and carefully about it to avoid issues at future events.

    So basically as i said, they have 2 simple options:

    1) Scrap Roster lock forever
    2) Unseed TCM and keep it
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    xHaRmiT f/a

    good luck
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    Rooster FUBAR

    in my personal opinion the best thing to do in these circumstances is if something out of the players hands happens they only lose the seed of the player, so they keep some seeding points and it doesnt fuck up the bracket dramatically
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    Matty. Well-Known Member

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    Lewis123 Well Known Troglodyte

    I warned you all about this in my decerto corruption v1(e-rep) thread
    @Razor your a faggot
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