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Flame Retardant need an org

Discussion in 'eSports Discussion' started by Jakeukpfc, Mar 24, 2012.

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    Jakeukpfc Well-Known Member

    Right so I see all these threads on teams looking for orgs so I thought to myself why shouldn't we, I think we're worthy of an org now, finally. EGL5 is 2 weeks away and we're about to find ourselves attending once again with no org of any sorts whilst T32's happily attend to win 1 match with close to full funding. So with all this said, you can probably tell that as a team we're pretty disappointed and so I lay down these criteria for any org who happens to come across this thread and might be interested:
    • Minimum of Team ticket/accom funding
    • Required for EGL5 ONLY but if the offer is good we will gladly consider for longer
    I make this thread out of desperation, I have politely and patiently said nothing for a while now and you can't say "we're not trying hard enough" as believe me, we've tried so hard and failed tremendously. We've been screwed over by Anexis and it's got to that point where we're all dying inside and losing a lot of faith in humanity. I say with no arrogance, we are a T3 team, you should expect us to place at least 3rd at EGL5. And so to conclude I say, get this around, get something done as this is pitiful and yes I am incredibly mad.

    If you for some reason have no idea who we are, then you can access our portfolio here for a quick insight and then you probably will also be as puzzled as I am right now and will understand why this thread has been made. #FR Hype

    Skype: Jake.ukpfc
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    Rdc Active Member

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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    You guys need to put together a little CV and develop your writing & persuasive skills. Obviously doing something wrong.

    edit: Ok you have one. You are still doing something wrong.
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    Swaggeh New Member

    Times like these is when ShootMyFruit.ORG is needed
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    JayBick .....

    dont know how use havent got an org
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    Jakeukpfc Well-Known Member

    develop ur clicking skills :/
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    JayBick .....

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    Swan EsG

    Less demanding/ego and more org's may be interested.
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    Monksymw2 Well-Known Member

    its not even that mate, it does't get to the stage where conversation would be their downfall
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    fuck off quoting me you ****s, i edited my post
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    Doudou #Atmozlife

    I've actually seen one of their applications and it was quite good if I may say so.
    However it could've been a bit more structured (point-by-point basis) to really highlight out the main points.

    OT: Good luck in your search guys!
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    krtszilla Active Member

    u need a team manager...

    good luck
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    BwaYdee Well-Known Member

    I cant even begin to fathom how these haven't got a org yet, they are arguably the best team on the game
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    YGB Jammy YGB Gaming

    Everyone chip in and you can be the official DE team :p
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    MadCat Self Made!

    add me dylan-daly I GOT SOMET FOR YOU
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    Dunc Haggis muncher

    This. @Jakeukpfc
    I will gladly carry this torch on behalf of the skype crew. inb4worldfamous
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    Agreed, obviously none of you are really capable of organising/negotiating. Not being a **** just looks that way.
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    Lyle Nemesis

    All the best lads, shame with anexis:(
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    Jakeukpfc Well-Known Member

    yes but we haven't exactly done a completely terrible job, and people who are worse than us get better
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    Well, a total of zero orgs over two titles, you tell me.
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    veXus Geeza Sexy Gamer

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    Doudou #Atmozlife

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    TStokes @eNigma_Stokes

    Try to get someone with the experience to help you out a little bit/speak to people they know?
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    Loco @Loco

    You need to improve your proposal. A team of your calibre should be seeking support that from one of the more reputable organisations, so the fact that you don't currently have any funding is probably a blessing when you look further than the short-term. Market yourself properly and you'll get more than just a half-decent deal.

    I'll speak to you on skype tomorrow. Your presentation doesn't need to be a book by any means but it should be far more substantial given your history.
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    Emotion Administrator

    I know for a fact you've received offers from organisations that include just a team ticket. If you'd have joined a smaller organisations in the past then larger organisations would have probably taken more notice. That fact you've had too high standards too early has perhaps been your downfall.