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Gaz Gshore - Lucky ****?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JigSaw, Jul 25, 2012.

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    JigSaw Well-Known Member

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    Deejay Atheist

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    rohan! original pirate material

    i'll have a nice fap over that, cheers lads
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    JigSaw Well-Known Member

    u see what he just wrote?

    "Im kind of busy now byeee ..."

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    Lyle Nemesis

    Gaz is that guy
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    Pacinozyzz Well-Known Member

    So fucking jel. But ye he is that guy
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    cyni GOAT

    Removed. What was it?
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    loveday10 Well-Known Member

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    DIZZ Well-Known Member

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    loveday10 Well-Known Member

    At least I went on that Chelsea Fergo bitches twitter at work, looked through her photos, boss standing behind me.
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    rohan! original pirate material

    @Ego they aren't full nudes, stop removing you pussssssy, well on second thought one nipple was showing but still...

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    Ego Guest

    @rohan! Mate, it broke my heart to remove them honestly..
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    bradwilson Active Member

    Charlotte won't be too happy if she's been on twitter
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    BigLee Member

    wat was it
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    JigSaw Well-Known Member

    Cant you read?

    He had a 3some with cher fergo girl and her blonde friend. Still got pics if needed.
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    Adam-M Old Skool

    I reported them. They are against decerto's rules.
    adamj for mod
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    MOUVAA Well-Known Member

    Gaz is Lad
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    JakeyyB Well-Known Member

    yeah send me pics
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    JigSaw Well-Known Member

    Tweetme on twitter. On mobile and i got them favorited.

    Or follow het and check her recent images probs easier.
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    NayNay Hatem Ben Arfa!!

    See, Hartlepool is classy!
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    jordW Well-Known Member

    Think he's a legend but on GShore he only pulls half of the birds cause of the cameras there...
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    Smithhh Well-Known Member

    Why doesnt James of GShore then ?
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    jordW Well-Known Member

    well his leg wont help much ;) + trust me most of the time it will I'm not knocking him or jealous but a small amount will be because of that
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    Smithhh Well-Known Member

    What about the last two series then ? Leg was fine then ? Yes.
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    Matty. Well-Known Member