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[Halo] Fnatic Pick Up Gimme My Money

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by KLV, May 22, 2011.

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    KLV Well-Known Member

    Fnatic Pick Up Gimme My Money
    Last Sunday it was rumoured that Australian organisation, Fnatic were picking up a Halo Reach team based in North America. We can now confirm that the rumours were indeed correct and Fnatic have picked up Gimme My Money.

    It comes to no surprise after Kyle 'Chig' Lawson revealed via Twitter that he and his fellow Americans will be representing Fnatic. The team are seeded in 11th place for the next stop in the Major League Gaming circuit which kicks off in Columbus on the 3rd June. The team have a tough pool where they will play the likes of Str8 Rippin, Believe The Hype & Instinct.
    Justin “Spikemouth” Saboo is the coach for team and had this to say,

    FnaticMSI.Halo Reach (US)
    [IMG] Kyle “Chig” Lawson
    [IMG] Austin “Mikwen” McCleary
    [IMG] Sammy “Elitest” Satullo
    [IMG] Cory “Str8 Sick” Sloss
    [IMG] Justin “Spikemouth” Saboo (Coach)
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    Zenon Well-Known Member

    Fair play Fnatic. Good luck to the team! Should be good to see a well known org up in the Halo MLG spotlight.
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    Dunc Haggis muncher

    All the best to both parties, a sick pickup for Fnatic!
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    Sidetrack Well-Known Member

    GL to both parties, Fnatic will get so much publicity from this.
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    JNuttall Well-Known Member

    Good luck to them at Columbus
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    m @Mckirdym8

    GL to fnatic
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    Sensor #Ranatungerd

    Very good step fnatic! My bets on the next organisation to recruit an MLG team will be EvilGeniuses.
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    BattleKinG Believing is Achieving ©

    You're on
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    Sensor #Ranatungerd

    Who's you're bet on?
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    BattleKinG Believing is Achieving ©

    Everyone else
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    Zenon Well-Known Member

    I think with EvilGeniuses, being an American based organization anyway, they would have probably picked up a team to attend MLG by now if it was on their agenda.

    My bet's on SK.
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    Sensor #Ranatungerd

    Difference now is that one of their main rivals "fnatic, SK, mouz, Millenium and Dignitas" have entered the scene so it's shows a profitable market. No offence to Power as they are a top European organisation but for games like SCII and Quake the only real contenders for EvilGeniuses is those mentioned above.
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    Zenon Well-Known Member

    Power have their EU Halo team which place respectably at MLG the majority of the time, so can't see them picking up an American based team. It's true what your saying though, EvilGeniuses may well see it as an opportunity to beat a rival by trumping in with a better team. Would be nice to have a European based organization recruit a North American Halo team though! We'll just have to wait and see :)
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    JackLegg Well-Known Member

    great pick ip for fnatic. hope all goes well!
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    GoN @GoN_k1X

    neither SK nor mousesports or MYM will be picking up a MLG team...

    nevertheless great step for fnatic!
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    Mattzor Member

    Fnatic now reaching MLG halo, good step, gl.
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    raskull @jakehardman

    good luck.
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    extrAA Yg

    GL 2 Fnatic and the halo team!
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    SwitchbacK #1


    Interesting move (and pick up), best of luck
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    Emotion Administrator

    Bizarre choice by Fnatic. I know they probably couldnt get anyone higher seeded because of MLG contracts but if you want a team to finish 8th-16th then at least with an EU team you're going get more coverage. Would be interesting to know what they get for being part of them.
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    JamessDEM Alfalfa

    Best of luck
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    Madnuss @Madnussoops

    Seems good for Fnatic are they keeping the EU Team or they dropped anyone no ?
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    KLV Well-Known Member


    They have kept both teams for now but who knows what may happen.
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    UltimaHysteria £10.52 an hour

    Potentially GMM could place very highly at events, they have alot of talent in their squad, hopefully they do succeed for the sake of Fnatic