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[i45] The i45 Coverage Thread

Discussion in 'Multiplay i45' started by Mellow, May 4, 2012.

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    Mellow @MellowLive

    Decerto are on the road once again, and this weekend we've headed to the midland town of Telford for the first iSeries Modern Warfare 3 tournament. Hosted by the Warped Gaming League, the tournament has attracted 24 of the finest Call of Duty teams the UK and Europe has to offer. You can find all of Decerto's coverage right here:

    Double Elimination Bracket - LINK
    Group Results - LINK

    Stream - LINK
    MW3 Stream - LINK

    i45 Day 1 Photos - LINK

    Post groups interview with pMp - LINK - Friday Night
    Daredevil eats flags - LINK - Friday Night
    Post groups Interview with i45 Admin M3lm0th - LINK - Friday Night
    Post groups Interview with Network - LINK - Friday Night

    Full Venue Tour - LINK - Saturday Morning

    Groups and Format Finalised - Friday Midday
    Decerto Prediction Thread - Friday Midday
    Group Stage Games Begin - Friday Afternoon
    Decerto Overwhelms - Friday Afternoon
    Interview with Nikz and Legend - Friday Afternoon
    Day 1 Pictures Online - Friday Afternoon
    Proph v Antidote - Friday Evening
    Post Groups Video Interview with pMp - Friday Night
    Elimination Process Change - Friday Night
    Post groups Video Interview with Network - Friday Night
    Interview with i45 Admin M3lm0th - Friday Night

    Group Results and Elimination Bracket - Saturday Morning
    No Surprises - Saturday Morning
    Full Venue Tour - Saturday Morning
    i45 Full Venue Tour - Saturday Morning
    Bracket Madness - Saturday Morning
    eNigma's Downfall - Saturday Morning
    A True Prophecy - Saturday Morning
    Interview with Proph Sowerz - Saturday Afternoon
    Interview with Marc - Saturday Afternoon
    Interview with Nikz after Winner Bracket Defeat - Saturday Afternoon
    Video Interview with Falconer and TMC - Saturday Afternoon
    Video Interview with A_Spec - Saturday Afternoon
    Prophecy Advance - Saturday Afternoon
    Day Two Gallery Online - Saturday Evening
    eNigma Exit Interview - Saturday Evening
    A Sowerz Ending for TCM - Saturday Evening
    Network Out - Saturday Evening
    Loser Bracket Final - Saturday Evening
    Final Placements - Saturday Evening

    Follow us on Twitter for further updates @Decerto_net!
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    Fudgeyy New Era.

    Put the link to the mw3 stream on this thread when it starts please.
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    Will @W1LLsoSL1CK

    Can't wait sounds like a sick tournament.
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    Prezo Well-Known Member

    That was the idea...
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    Elzzy T1 Active Member

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    Emotion Administrator

    Link to Gallery now added.
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    Valiant @iam_Valiant

    Still no stream link?
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    Brennan lul

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    ChieftainBart Use your brain...

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    Vamps teamLevelHeaded

    still no stream?
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    VCCRS Well-Known Member

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    Paradox㋡ Roles are outdated.

    Stream will be live in 20mins said gooch, its "officially working"
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    VCCRS Well-Known Member

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    ChieftainBart Use your brain...

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    .Gstar. Member

    Will there eventually be a stream?
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    ChieftainBart Use your brain...

    within 20 min mate
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    Paradox㋡ Roles are outdated.

    Stupid thing is noone has said where, only one guy after hours of asking, i think its at youtube.com/wgltv cos it was a wgl admin that told me :p
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    Follow My Steps Active Member

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    Serial_II Member

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    Howa Active Member

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    Frekz @Frekz_

    Can someone @me please when mw3 stream is up with Link thankyou :)
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    Serial_II Member

    Streams not running yet
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    JaKz> Well-Known Member

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    VCCRS Well-Known Member

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    Crazy Well-Known Member

    live stream link ?