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Official EGL Prediction Thread

Discussion in 'EGL4 London' started by Emotion, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Emotion Administrator

    After months and months of practice, this weekend at the Emirates stadium is what counts for the Xbox CoD community. EGL London is finally here and over 50 teams are set to descend upon the capital for what is touted as the most competitive LAN to date.

    We've brought together various people in the scene to give you the official Decerto prediction thread. We'll introduce each person giving their opinion later but first we'll run you through the most well known teams attending in seed order.

    Infused - #1 Seed

    [IMG] XLNC
    [IMG] Gunshi
    [IMG] Flux
    [IMG] Jake

    The number one seeded team feature arguably some of the best Call of Duty players in the world and as a result boast some serious experience when it comes to winning. The team were billed as a dream team when they came together and will no doubt be one of the most exciting teams to watch this weekend. It's not surprising that they feature in everyone's top 3 predictions later on.

    apeX - #2 Seed

    [IMG] Crookz
    [IMG] Tommey
    [IMG] Riddlez
    [IMG] Blackk

    The team that flopped at MLG only a few weeks ago will be going into this event defending their European title, gained after winning at Reflex GT and the CoD XP UK championships. Despite their poor Orlando performances they are now back playing Decerto rules on the Xbox. They feature an all-star team that has plenty of experience at the top and as with Infused, feature in each of the top 3 of the predictions below.

    Fnatic - #3 Seed

    [IMG] Mak
    [IMG] Tobi
    [IMG] Bissell
    [IMG] Vapez

    Tobi and Mak go into this event as the reigning EGL/ECL champions after winning at Loughborough in July. They've swapped two players though with XLNC and Gunshi leaving and being replaced by Bissell and Vapez. Both new players are known throughout the community after featuring in various top European sides and they'll no doubt be keen to impress their new team mates.

    Foreign - #4 Seed

    [IMG] Monksy
    [IMG] Tech
    [IMG] Mohog
    [IMG] DareDevil

    Foreign go into this event as a team still in mourning after losing their captain DopedGoat only 5 weeks ago after he decided to pursue other avenues. Tech and Mohog have helped filled the void that turns this team into a potential threat for any team playing. DD is back after missing ECL3 and will no doubt want some success after his teams poor performance at CoD XP. Monksy finishes up the team as one of the best talents to emerge from Black Ops.

    Imperial - #5 Seed

    [IMG] Macca
    [IMG] ShAne
    [IMG] United
    [IMG] Pacino

    This team is like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them. They made a tactical change only a few weeks ago when they dropped Richie in favour of Macca and after actually scrimming for more than 2 minutes they go into this event probably more prepared than they ever have before. There's no doubt this team has the potential to do damage at this event.

    Link - #6 Seed

    [IMG] Sensor
    [IMG] Dizzy
    [IMG] Slayr
    [IMG] Busby

    The team that caused plenty of drama over the last few weeks due to recruiting Busby will be looking to break the Link Gaming curse, caused after each previous Black Ops team has failed miserably at events. However, plenty of people will be hoping they don't do well and despite some talented players they'll no doubt be hoping to just reach their seed.

    enigMA - #7 Seed

    [IMG] Fiire
    [IMG] Sowerz
    [IMG] Wonder
    [IMG] Pascoe

    enigMA proved once again they could battle with the best at ECL3 when they placed an impressive fourth. The team finally changed rosters after two full events together as Fiire and Sowerz join Wonder and Pascoe for EGL London. This will be the first time that Ashley 'Sowerz' Sowersby will be playing on a different team to his brother Luke 'LukeJS' Sowersby. We just have to wait and see whether or not the bracket system will draw the opposing teams against one another.

    Mythix - Unseeded

    [IMG] Gotaga
    [IMG] LowAn
    [IMG] Agonie
    [IMG] Maxxie

    The French team were originally in fourth seed going into this event however after Karnage decided he was unable to attend with only a few days to go, the ECL2 champions were forced into a team change that means they enter unseeded. The loss of seeding to what can only be described as one of the best teams in Europe will no doubt have a massive effect on final tournament placements. Regardless, however, of the tougher route they'll face and the team change that occurred, they are still regarded as probably one of the biggest threats for the title and feature in the top 2 of all but one of the 6 predictions.

    So who is predicting how well these teams will do? Check out our panel below.

    Mike 'Emotion' Kent

    Part owner of Decerto, Mike is responsible for managing the website including overseeing content and staff. He has a long history in gaming spanning back 7 years and throughout that time has both played in and managed top European teams and organisations. He will be doing coverage all weekend from the event exclusively for Decerto. His predictions for how the event will go are as follows;

    1. Mythix
    2. apeX
    3. Infused
    4. Fnatic
    5. Foreign
    6. Imperial

    Dark Horse: Team Galvz
    Choke: Link

    Zak 'Riddlez' Tallis

    1/4th of the current apeX line up, Zak has been a member of the community for some time and finally won his first event at the CoD XP UK championships. He went on to come 5th at the CodXP finals and also won Reflex GT5 a few weeks later. He's been playing all the top teams going into this event and therefore should have the best idea of who is going to place where. Check out his choices below;

    1. mythiX
    2. apeX
    3. infused
    4. Fnatic
    5. Foreign
    6. Enigma

    Dark Horse: Imperial 2
    Choke: Imperial

    Alex 'Razor' McBride

    Alex will be heading up the EGL administration team and was one of the reasons at ECL3 that the tournament was eventually finished when it looked as though it wouldn't. He's been in the LAN scene since he attended his first event at EGL Manchester and despite being at Uni he's continued to support the scene, now in administration roles rather than playing. Check out his views below;

    1. Mythix
    2. Infused
    3. apeX
    4. Fnatic
    5. eNigma
    6. Foreign

    Dark Horse: Imperial 2
    Choke: Imperial

    Chris 'Mellow' Marsh

    The current event manager for EGL and part owner of Decerto, Chris couldn't be more involved in competitive gaming if he tried. A history of competitive gaming going back 8 years he's been and done pretty much everything, including coming third at the WCG finals for a mobile racing game. He'll be helping run the tournament for CoD this time due to it being the biggest game at the event.

    1. Infused
    2. mythiX
    3. apeX
    4. Foreign
    5. Fnatic
    6. Enigma

    Dark Horse - Imperial2
    Choke - Link

    Chris 'Tunny' Tunn

    After going -104 at Reflex GT4, Chris decided not to continue his competitive gaming career after coming into the scene properly for Black Ops. He did make a brief appearance at ECL3 but his role in the gaming world now is as a shoutcaster for Decerto Live and EGL and has observed these teams over the last few days as they practice. Check out his predictions below, including his controversial choke team!

    1. mythiX
    2. infused
    3. apeX
    4. Foreign
    5. Enigma
    6. Imperial

    Dark Horse: Imperial.2
    Choke: Fnatic

    Oliver 'ReL' Whitfield

    The YouTube star switched to Decerto only this year but since joining hasn't looked back both playing for teams at events and eventually ending up in his position as shoutcaster alongside Tunny. He's been watching the teams on DE live and has been learning how each team has been playing in preparation for EGL this weekend. Check out the final panel members choices below!

    1. Infused
    2. apeX
    3. mythiX
    4. Foreign
    5. Fnatic
    6. Enigma

    Dark Horse: Team Galvz
    Choke: LinK

    That's our predictions for this weekend, what are yours?! Remember to visit Decerto ALL weekend for the most up to date news, results, stream links and interviews. Black Ops is going to be sent off in style this weekend and we'll be there every step of the way.

    Follow Decerto at www.twitter.com/Decerto_net for news, alerts and info!
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    climaX ViccarZ Member

    Why is everyone seeding mX 1st or second, @ReL seedings will probably be the most accurate but foreign third and enigma fourth- i dont reckon we'll see anything special from Fnatic or mX. Watch out for team Galvz and imperial.2 though- both could shine
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    CTOM Follow me on twitterz @ThomasECoughlin

    It's because mX go off at LAN.
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    BradRoche Active Member

    mX will choke this lan.
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    climaX ViccarZ Member

    they are good LAN players but i dont reckon they'll shine at all
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    ChieftainBart Use your brain...

    I'll go with emotion!!! But infused to get second!
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    Galvin Harris ♥ ♫

    I know one thing for sure, that is not the first time I have been compared to a Dark Horse.
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    T Well-Known Member

    Zak what are you doing with your prediction!
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    Blackk Curse

    lol flopped at MLG bit harsh
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    AVFC- Well-Known Member

    1. Infused or Foreign
    2. Foreign or Infused
    3. mythiX
    4. Fnatic
    5. eNigma
    6. apeX
    7. LiNK
    8. Imperial

    suprise : link/imperial
    choke : imperial.2
    mvp : jake
    choke player : smith
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    Smithhh Well-Known Member

    Mythix will not choke, they will still get a T5 placement.


    yeah go qith that.
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    Smithhh Well-Known Member

    was it you or king that nooded and started waving at the stream ? on lan ec2 i think when u playe dmythix, you or king ?

    if it was you i will never forgot that moment, no one else found it funny, i couldnt stop laughing. u did flop mlg tho.
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    ReaLiZe Well-Known Member

    Link wont get top8, we got them 3rd round.
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    Dr Janet Dr Janet Taylor

    McGee's TEAM TO WIN !
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    Blackk Curse

    Was me, my GT is blackk but king is actaully black. We didnt flop we just got beat.
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    ChieftainBart Use your brain...

    lol everyone saying mX to choke, beast LAN players!!
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    CTOM Follow me on twitterz @ThomasECoughlin

    Dunno man, can't wait to watch it anyway will be good to see who comes out on top overall :)
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    El Nino Well-Known Member

    Can't see mX winning unless Gotaga carries big time.
    Brap Brap likes this.
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    Bagnall. YO

    infused to win it.
  20. Offline

    Candy @alex_cartwright

    Why no Ruthless guys?
  21. Offline

    Jaay2o Active Member

    i see wut u did there
  22. Offline

    Madnuss @Madnussoops


    dont care about the rest
    Suprise Team VYE
    Choke team Fnatic/Imperial
  23. Offline

    Jaay2o Active Member

    if u didnt flop then whys it not in ur sig ;)
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    McGee @myp_McGee

  25. Offline

    Carson Well-Known Member

    Funny feeling about mX winning it
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