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People who have disappeared, never to be seen again...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cyni, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Greg Well-Known Member

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    eMeRiCaH GOD

    trucido is buying an xbox back next week :p
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    eMeRiCaH GOD

    what about the shittest player on earth @Limez
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    eMeRiCaH GOD

    can remember that **** back in the day, he used to fucking destroy cod4 snd, I rated him so much back then!
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    spoKen onlyny

    @j0sef doesn't have an xbox anymore, just skates and is with his girlfriend most of the time
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    j0sef é

    excuse me?
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    spoKen onlyny

    my bad, was meant to tag @shadezl0l
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    Smithhh Well-Known Member

    He was fuckin wack Mckirdy. I remember the team was him madcat xilee. Days where @MadCat licked my arse clean out

    tmc u mad brrah
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    lol just save it please ur fucking boring kid
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    Rawryy Active Member

    why would you post that when you are tonka...
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    Nemz Old School

    won't be boring when you're in hospital pleading the doctor to save your life, calling me a kid, I might even rape you before hand to show you how much of a man I am, fucking gave you a chance to apologise you haven't taken it, pepper thy angus
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    Taintss Well-Known Member

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    Falconer Well-Known Member

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    j0sef é


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    lol such a gimp ur not even funny, Do u ever get off theses forums kid
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    Nemz Old School

    sounds like the lads are in skype chat calm it down
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    Nemz Old School

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    Falconer Well-Known Member

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    Nemz Old School

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    shadezl0l just thumbin about

    do u ever weigh urself kid
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    JeD Well-Known Member

    That rebel still play?
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    Millo @TMillo

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    Karim @Karimismoi

    Back on topic, where did XTC Leeson go? (owner of XTC) and the org itself...
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    SamB @Ze_SAMb

    what was his tag?