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People who have disappeared, never to be seen again...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cyni, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Razor #Believe

    Just got bored of it, working and doing normal activities these days

    Miss him like and his massive fuck off mole on his face
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    BaktraaK Pill'ed

    lmaooooooooooo, what about NaturaaL
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    Tropi TT

    Stumpy hasn't been on xbox for absolutely ages man, hes still got 'Oasis was sick' in hes motto, fuck knows how long thats been there lol. Enoch comes online every know and then, dunno what he does now.
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    DNA Breadbrah


    If u mean dutch flex he still is on xbl from time to time and comes most reflexes to spec
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    WestyB REEM Squad.

    @Sensor fonzie is all loved up and thought about coming back but he rims cars and his bird, and stumpy is with some proper fit bird now and his a roid head, pretty fucking big now though looks so different lol
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    Stevoo #1

    3stylz plays PC, miss that little ****

    Quizi doesn't play no more

    Ludo still plays with fariko i think, or a Norwegian team anyway but he does still play deffo

    spoke to swany lee the other day he just plays gb with irl mates

    renegade is still on my FL comes on not very often but just plays pubs

    best info i have my friend
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    RiDdLeZ Moderator

    Haha I seen his pics on Facebook. Mirin
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    WestyB REEM Squad.

    she is a straight 9/1 she is a little beaut he is getting pretty big now aswell. they both just put their ****s in car exhausts though
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    Sensor #Ranatungerd

    Yeh i played PC with Stylz for a while with Chillaz and VirreX but got boring :D
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    davecX The Best.

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    Shizzle HOVA.

    Still plays just not competitive tag is BarryTheBuilder
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    RiDdLeZ Moderator

    Yeah I seen a pic oh him a few months ago and realised he was getting so big haha. He's a gym roid guy now yeah?
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    Apelqvist Well-Known Member

    Quizi does not play anymore, currently obsessed with daytrading

    Statix is still quite active on xbox but hardly plays any de
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    Mattz If only...

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    Stevoo #1

    hopefully dead
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    Shizzle HOVA.

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    Akibaba king of pretend

    sik guy stevo mert
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    Akibaba king of pretend

    btw i just play PC now and lurk the off topic
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    Stevoo #1

    you are a proper weirdo you copper bollocks go get hit by a train he knows im messing
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    Shizzle HOVA.

    Calm yourself you fucking dribble.
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    Stevoo #1

    im gobsmacked ive just been called that tbh, poor lad
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    JigSaw Well-Known Member

    pray for stevoo
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    SicK Money, Bitches, Bread.

    Jammy @Mak @Wonder
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    -Fletch. Well-Known Member

    what happened dignitas iPimpZ

    he used to post shit tonnes when i first joined de
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    CrooKzY Well-Known Member

    posi just smokes weed
    smithy is about sometimes on forums
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